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Telpo Cases: Smart POS Machine Improve Zambia Expressway Charge

Sep. 26, 2019

The value of expressways lies in allowing vehicles to pass at a high speed. The existence of toll stations cut off the connection between expressways to a certain extent. The process of the vehicle slowing down and stopping will also hinder the realization of the value of expressways, causing a serious negative impact on logistics efficiency. 

Telpo Cases: Smart POS Machine Improve Zambia Expressway charge

Zambia is well known for its rich copper and tourism resources. The timeliness of resource transportation and huge tourist flow demands higher quality and efficiency of road transportation. By 2014, the total length of roads in Zambia was 37,300 kilometers, and the road transport volume accounted for 83.4% of the total freight volume.

Telpo Cases: Smart POS Machine Improve Zambia Expressway charge

Zambia Focused on Improving the Efficiency of the Expressway

As one of important countries in China's "One Belt and One Road", Zambia is improving local infrastructure construction in order to call for "One Belt and One Road" initiative. One important step is, improving the charging efficiency of the expressway. It will effectively reduce the parking time of passing vehicles and accelerate the speed of road passage, relieving toll stations congestion condition and road passage pressure, further improve traffic jam and quality of expressway passage. In addition, the improvement of the highway toll system is conducive to reducing the operating costs of the highway and saving the fuel money and time for car owners, which will further establish a national unified market, expanding effective demand and inject impetus into the development of the economy.

Telpo Cases: Smart POS Machine Improve Zambia Expressway charge

Telpo POS Machine facilitated Intelligent Charging of Zambia Expressway

Zambian expressway toll system was originally accepted cash only. Telpo smart POS machine TPS900 supports swiping or inserting cards and scanning code for payment, which also supports mobile payment function, making payment more convenient and fast.

Telpo Cases: Smart POS Machine Improve Zambia Expressway charge

Telpo smart POS TPS900 has passed EMV, PCI, Paywave, Paypass, MasterCard, VISA and other financial payment certification at home and abroad, the strong compatibility effectively guarantees payment security.

The quad-core high-speed processing speed ensures smooth use of the machine, which also improves the work efficiency of toll collectors and eases queuing condition in toll stations. What’s more, it improves the lane passage efficiency of toll stations and ensures the efficient and unimpeded of expressways, which effectively promote the further development of the construction of intelligent toll stations.

Telpo Cases: Smart POS Machine Improve Zambia Expressway charge

According to the 2014 human development index report, Zambia has gone from an underdeveloped country to a developing one. The construction of the expressway plays a key role in economic development and opening up to the outside world, which became the engine of Zambia's development. Telpo will continue to improve its scientific research and technology to create a better life for users.


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