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Telpo: Launched Five New Retail POS Terminals

Aug. 11, 2018

Telpo brought 5 new products --- smart cashier machine in the new retail.

New product launch site

On August 9th, 2018, 5 new products of Telpo collectively unveiled, brought surprises again and again. The new products launched this time range from the smart cashier to the new retail, covering all areas of smart catering and retail.

Telpo President talked about the New Retails

Mr. He Zhiming is giving a speech

At the event, Mr. He Zhiming, the chairman of Telpo, gave a speech. "This launch event of new products shows that Telpo is going to make “make good products” as the most important responsibility." 

He pointed out that Telpo has positioned itself as "smart hardware customization +", which brought great challenges to resource investment of R&D and supply chain. 

However, from the industry perspective and experience accumulation, we have come to an important conclusion: "It is best not to touch things that are too easy," because they are too widespread and too easy to be surpassed. If we can do a good job and bring operational and efficiency improvements to our customers, this will become the most valuable value of Telpo.

For the five products launched at this event, both design concept and functional application are concise and efficient.

Telpo face payment smart cash register TPS650-FACE

smart retail cash register machine tps650 telpo

Telpo smart cash register TPS650T is evolved basing on the original TPS650 with an upgraded RK3399 motherboard solution, which makes its processing ability getting very powerful like a car added a turbo. The TPS650T uses a binocular camera and 3D structured light which makes it’s suitable for financial-grade face payment applications.

Telpo Smart Cash Register TPS685

smart cash register machine  for retail store tps685

Telpo single-screen cash register TPS685 has a streamlined body, which is more ergonomic. It has strong performance basing on octa-core CPU with LED digital customer display to display real-time unit price, changes and make payment. WIth multiple stable external ports, it is very easy to extend functions and applications.

Telpo Smart Cash Register TPS688

retail smart cash register machine tps688

Telpo cash register TPS688 uses aluminum alloy base design, combined with human facial and sitting features, like a simplified robot curve shape and neutralized the toughness of metal. Equipped with industrial grade motherboard RK3368, it is truly a perfect combination of light body, high performance, and low power consumption.

Telpo Smart Self-service Food Ordering Terminal TPS700

smart cash register machine kiosk tps700 telpo

Telpo smart self-service food ordering terminal TPS700 uses 21.5-inch touch screen with high-definition and 180-degree full-view visual ranges, makes it free from the influence of light and dark environment to display clearly. It supports barcode and QR code at the same time, scanning can be done within one second to realize NFC/QR code payment. And it supports infrared sensing, face recognition payment and high-speed thermal printing, which is equivalent to an all-around point cashier.

Telpo smart industrial computer TPS400

smart computer industrial machine tps400 telpo

Telpo smart industrial computer TPS400 is the “smart brain” of new retail, which can control self-service container, access control system, camera, etc. It supports WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G (optional) and other communication functions. Starting from the vending machines, smart stores, smart communities, and smart security, the application scene of TPS400 will be continuously expanded.

Manager of QC analyze test reports

Manager of QC analyze test reports

The quality of so many new products is inseparable from the guarantee of strict quality testing. The above five new products are excellent in performance running points, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, display and operation experience, picture quality, operating temperature, bearable temperature, and outer port anti-drop test. Especially in the drop test, the smart cash registers can still be used normally after dropping from the 1.5-meter height, which is far exceeding the national standard of 0.72 meters, which makes users feel more comfortable.

Experience new products on site

Experience new products on site

Mr. Chen, manager of the intelligent hardware marketing department, pointed out that the scene of intelligent hardware products should not be limited. To increase the number of users and the frequency of use, we need to increase the user's usage scenarios. In addition to traditional catering and retail locations, we can extend the application of smart hardware to medical, security, gas stations, government services and other scenarios.

Telpo: Launched Five New Retail POS Terminals

Try the new products -- TPS700

Guests are curious about Telpo's new smart cash register

Self-service shopping smart vending machine

From the perspective of industry trend changes, the three points of digitization, self-help, and intelligence will be reflected in all aspects of people's lives. This brings challenges and opportunities for commercial smart hardware. Commercial intelligent hardware saves labor, improves efficiency, conducts online drainage and data analysis, empowers merchants, and enhances user experience and saves time.

smart cash register show

Telpo will build high-end cash registers at the carrier level to form a product matrix suitable for different needs and fields, and become a more competitive intelligent hardware customizing manufacturer in the market.

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Brief Introduction: Telpo is a professional intelligent terminal provider and ODM service expert. For more than 20 years, Telpo has provided professional customized intelligent hardware services to more than 1000 customers in 100 countries and regions around the world. It covers POS terminals, biometric cash registers, face recognition machines, self-service kiosks, bus ticket machines and other products.

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