Telpo POS Empowers Small Shops in Intelligence Revolution


The NRF Retail’s Big Show Asia Pacific will be held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center from June 11th to June 13th. At the exhibition site, Telpo will showcase its latest innovations to empower retail. Now let’s take a sneak peek at the Telpo products that are best suitable for small shops in Southeast Asia.

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Southeast Asia's Small Shops: A Thriving Market

With an abundance of small shops and a mobile network that blankets the region, Southeast Asia is primed for a digital revolution in retail. The widespread adoption of electronic wallets has paved the way for cashless transactions, making it essential for small businesses to embrace smart, compact POS devices.

Introducing Telpo M8 and Telpo P8 with Printer: Smart Choices for Small Shops

Smart POS terminal, Telpo M8

lCompact Design

Equipped with an 8-inch main screen and a 3.27-inch secondary screen, the Telpo M8 takes up small countertop space and is perfect for small shops.

lMobile Payment Capability

With an NFC reader and QR code scanner built-in, it can accept various payments via NFC cards, SoftPOS, QR codes and mobile wallets with ease.

lSpeedy Printing

With a 58mm thermal printer, it can print receipts at 110mm/s, easily handling printing tasks with just 1 device.

smart POS terminal

All-in-one EFTPOS, Telpo P8 with Printer

lIntegrated Printing

Built-in with a 58mm printer, the Telpo P8 with Printer can issue receipts instantly.

lMulti-Payment Support

It supports a wide range of payment methods, including chip cards, NFC, digital wallets, MSR, and QR codes.

lRobust Security

With full certifications covering PCI 6.x, EMV L1&L2, EMV Contactless L1, etc., it ensures transaction integrity and data protection.

Android EFT POS

Why Telpo's M8 and P8 with Printer are Best Choices for Southeast Asia's Retail Transformation?

lMobile and Cashless Payment Adoption

With a high smartphone penetration, the Southeast Asia is leading the charge towards a cashless society. Telpo smart POS terminals are easy to operate and ensure that retailers can accommodate this shift with ease.

lEnhanced Operational Efficiency

By introducing smart terminals, retailers can streamline operations and improve efficiency and can better understand and cater to their customers' needs with data capture.

lCompetitive Edge

Telpo smart POS terminals help small shop keepers improve customer satisfaction and stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology that can adapt to market changes.


Telpo M8 and P8 with Printer are the catalysts for a smarter, more connected retail environment. Join us at NRF Retail's Big Show Asia Pacific to discover how Telpo products and solutions can empower your business and take it to the next level.


Let's shape the future of retail together! Visit us at Booth 916 to experience the power of Telpo's smart terminals firsthand.


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