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As the popularization of mobile payment, people prefer to pay for their mobile phone rather than cash, which effectively reduces the circulation of counterfeit money in a way. However, it may bring retailers certain safety problems if they only print the payment code at their stores.

Telpo TPS508

Telpo TPS508

Fortunately, Telpo, a professional and experienced payment solution partner, particularly design a QR Code scanner TPS508 for retailers. It completely eradicates some criminals may replace retailers payment code with their payment code such as money stolen matter.

And customers take the initiative to scan their payment code also help retailers reduce their time cost, giving them enough time to tidy commodity and package.

Simple Operation

Complex operation is no longer a headache for retailers as the QR Code scanner can be used as long as it successfully connects to the cash register. Once the cash register displays the number of commodities, customers can show their payment code before the scanner to complete payment.

As the QR Code scanner TPS508 adopts 2MP fixed-focus camera and 85-degree design, the wider sweep range empowers it triumphantly reading the payment code. By the way, it supports software code and hard decode camera.

TPS508 adopts 2MP fixed-focus camera and 85-degree design

Small Size, Flexible Placement

Retailers also need not consider changing a bigger cashier desk as the small size of the QR Code scanner can be flexibly placed. It's a simple and elegant appearance can also draw customers' attention. More importantly, all the wires can be placed neatly through the hidden line holes, keeping the cashier desk to be aesthetic all the time.

All the wires can be placed neatly through the hidden line holes.

QR Code reader, Payment Assurance

Payment security is a prominent matter both for retailers and customers. Fortunately, QR Code scanner TPS508 contains a QR Code reader make sure the payment code will be successfully scanned and its lenses are equipped with supplementary light and indicator light, double guarantee customers' payment security.

If customers successfully pay, the blue light will be displayed. On the contrary, if customers fail to pay, the red light will be displayed. And 8Ω 2W loudspeakers will also remind customers of the payment condition at the same time.

If customers successfully pay, the blue light will be displayed.

All in One Payment, Seamless Connection

The QR Code scanner supports multiple payment methods such as paper code, electric code, and NFC and so on. And it enables seamless connect 98% of the cashier system on the market, without any transformation, greatly reducing retailers'input cost.

The QR Code scanner supports NFC reader.

Support Battery & Printer

A useful machine just like a helper of retailers effectively assists their working. This scanner contains 2500mAh battery and printer, which enable the scanner consistently working and make sure the customer can immediately gain the receipt after successful payment. Retailers need not take extra time to prepare receipts, reducing customers waiting and queuing time at the same time.

Rich Interfaces, Diverse Scenes

The powerful function is conducive to improve retail store image. There are rich interfaces within the TPS508 machine, allowing it connects to various equipment including cash register, PIN-PAD, cash drawer, router, printers and so on. Therefore, it can be used in diverse scenes including restaurant, KFC, McDonald, Burger King, 7-11, Subway, Outlets and so on.

Rich interfaces within the TPS508 machine allow it connects to various equipment.

Such a small scanner and a simple operation can improve retailers working efficiency and reduce the error rate of the cash register, even help retailers win customers' trust. It will be an indispensable helper in the store.

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