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Telpo QR Pay Family Assists Contactless Payment

May. 14, 2020

Safety is the root of life, and the outbreak of the pandemic has vastly increased people's attention to safety. As the most important scene for residents to purchase necessities offline, the supermarket will certainly gather personnel and cause human contact. How to ensure personnel safety and maximize payment efficiency has become the primary problem faced by merchants at the present stage.

Secure Contactless Payment Device Telpo QR Pay Family

Telpo QR Pay Family

Telpo brings its QR Pay family and launches five Reliable & Secure QR pay strategies, helping retail, supermarket, catering, and so on customers to deal with this headache problem. Telpo QR Pay family can achieve contactless payment with non-contact, fast recognition, security, smart and other advantages, and improve checkout efficiency and effectively reduce human contact.


Strategy One 


Telpo smart EFT-POS TPS900 uses ergonomic and backside skid resistance design, making it comfortable to hold and easily operate. In addition, to support contactless payment like QR pay, it also supports face payment、NFC、IC card, and other payment methods. Importantly, it obtains EMV, Paywave, PayPass, MIR, RUPAY financial certification, and guarantees secure payment with a professional attitude. In virtue of high speed and safe hardware and software, it can better mix together consumption scenes. It is applicable to the payment scenes where coexist QR pay and a large amount of swiping the card, such as comprehensive shopping mall、supermarket、 chain restaurant、hotel、KTV and other scenes.


Secure Contactless Payment Device Telpo QR Pay Family

Telpo EFT-POS TPS900

Strategy Two


Telpo mobile handheld device TPS320 adopts Qualcomm quad-core processor, easily run multiple applications and process data more efficiently. The 4SIM cards design support multi-operator countries and solve customers' multi-operation card problems. The super-agile camera allows it quickly recognize QR code and achieve contactless payment. Two colors (orange/ gray) option in line with business scene requirements. Besides supporting QR pay, it can also be used in online ordering、group purchase cancellation、reservation、online payment、tax registration、takeout and other scenes.


Secure Contactless Payment Device Telpo QR Pay Family

Telpo Mobile handheld device TPS320

Strategy Three


Telpo fare collection terminal TPS530, supporting NFC and QR pay function. It can add external keypad to achieve the amount input + voice broadcast effects, which will double ensure secure payment and improve transaction accuracy. In addition, it can do a good job in different environments as it owns characteristics of dustproof, anti-grease, and anti-static. The inbuilt professional QR code reader can sensitively handle light change and quickly process code data and identify it even in the weak light environment. It is suitable for a college dining hall, government canteen, enterprise canteen, supermarket canteen, and other internal charging places.


Secure Contactless Payment Device Telpo QR Pay Family

Telpo Fare collection terminal TPS530

Strategy Four 


Telpo QR Code scanner TPS508 is small and delicate. It supports multiple payment methods such as paper code, electric code, NFC, and so on. And it enables seamless connect 98% of the cashier system on the market, which greatly reduces input cost. The super angle design and wider sweep range empower it triumphantly reading the payment code. Voice broadcast, light supplementary and receipt obtain triple guarantee customers secure payment. It can be used in diverse scenes including restaurants, KFC, McDonald, Burger King, 7-11, retail store and so on.

Secure Contactless Payment Device Telpo QR Pay Family

Telpo QR Code scanner TPS508

Strategy Five


Telpo scanner box TPA150 can be used as soon as it is installed. It owns a super-large scanning window and supports barcode and QR code. The ergonomic scanning window design creates a more comfortable scanning angle for the customer and quicker scanning speed. The voice broadcast after successful payment also ensures secure payment. It is suitable for all payment scenes at various counters, which will easily achieve self-service QR pay and bring a new contactless payment experience to customers.

Secure Contactless Payment Device Telpo QR Pay Family

Telpo Scanner box TPA150 and TPS650

Telpo five self-service QR pay strategies open the shortcut keys for the payment scenes. The safe and convenient QR pay family is the weapon to reduce human contact and the booster of contactless payment.

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Company Introduction: Telpo is solidly located in the smart terminal industry forefront as it sticks to technology-driven and market demand-oriented. With keen market insight, Telpo has developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election, and other scene applications to build a "cloud + terminal" brand and complete solution.

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