Will 10-inch Desktop POS Become Mainstream?


Point of Sale terminals are revolutionizing the way retailers process transactions. Traditionally, POS systems were bulky and stationary, but as technology continues to evolve, we are seeing a shift towards more compact and versatile solutions. One such innovation is the 10-inch desktop POS terminal. Will it become mainstream shortly?

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Why are 10-inch desktop POS devices getting popular?

Better utilization of countertop

The increasing cost of retail space has led to a growing demand for small-sized 10-inch desktop POS machines, as they offer better utilization of countertop space. These compact devices are particularly popular in small retail stores and fast-food outlets, where limited space is a concern. Their compact size and design allow them to be easily installed in constrained counter or checkout areas without taking up excessive workspace. Additionally, these 10-inch desktop POS terminals are multifunctional and capable of meeting various everyday needs such as accepting digital payments and printing receipts. With the ongoing digitization of retail operations and the widespread adoption of mobile payments, the demand for small-sized POS devices is expected to rise further, as they provide convenient payment solutions while maximizing valuable store space.

Growing demands for multiple payments

With the increasing demand for mobile payments, consumers have more diverse payment options. As a result, merchants require cash register equipment capable of supporting multiple payment methods to accommodate the varied needs of their customers. This includes the ability to process QR code payments, credit cards, membership cards, and mobile payments. Such versatility not only enhances the convenience and efficiency of transactions but also meets the diverse payment preferences of consumers. In comparison to general handheld devices, desktop POS terminals can handle a wider range of payment methods and offer extensive interfaces for connecting to various external devices. Consequently, small desktop POS devices that cater to multiple payment methods are better suited for small retail businesses.

Enhance customer satisfaction

To improve customer experience, it's essential to adopt more interactive solutions. Traditional large single-screen cash registers can create a divide between staff and customers, impeding effective communication. Conversely, the compact 10-inch dual-screen mini desktop POS terminal offers a flexible layout that fosters stronger staff-customer interaction. This type of POS terminal can be conveniently positioned in the store, making communication between staff and customers more seamless. Moreover, it enables faster and more efficient checkout processes, thereby elevating the overall customer experience. Displaying product information and promotions on the dual-screen mini desktop POS also empowers staff to better recommend products, ultimately boosting sales. Therefore, the implementation of small dual-screen mini POS systems not only enhances customer experience but also improves operational efficiency and sales performance in the store.

Will 10-inch desktop POS replace traditional cash registers?

Compared to traditional cash registers, 10-inch POS terminals have a smaller size, more flexible usage, diverse functions, and a faster payment experience.  Therefore, in specific scenarios such as mobile retail, small shops, and trade show sales, Mini POS devices have become a more convenient and efficient choice.

However, traditional cash registers remain the predominant choice for retailers currently due to their long-standing track record and familiarity among users. Additionally, they are still indispensable in some large retail stores and supermarkets because they can handle large amounts of transaction data and provide more complex management functions.

As a result, while 10-inch desktop POS terminals offer numerous advantages, they are unlikely to entirely supplant traditional cash registers in a short time. More likely, traditional cash registers and 10-inch desktop POS terminals are each playing to their strengths in different retail scenarios, collectively meeting market demands.

Recently, Telpo has launched its latest 10-inch desktop POS, the Telpo M10. We have confidence that the Telpo M10 is the next-generation all-in-one point-of-sale solution for retail stores with its compact design, powerful performance powered by Octa-Core processor and Android 13 OS, versatile payment options including SoftPOS and 200mm/s high-speed printing.

What’s more, Telpo has launched a wide variety of smart cash registers. With 25 years of customizing and manufacturing experience, Telpo has served customers from 120+ countries and won their recognition. Welcome to contact us for more details!


Tag: 10-inch POS terminal, POS terminal, POS terminal machine