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Why Digital Infrared Thermometer Was Widely Used?

Aug. 20, 2020

Some time ago, a host of countries and regions around the world have announced a reopen economy. However, epidemic has seen rebound in some regions. As the global epidemic continues to spread, the United States, France, Canada and other countries have taken emergency control measures and issued mandatory mask order.

Despite epidemic repeated development, the economy and life have to return to normal. Safely and orderly resume work and production is the top priority of all countries. It is reported that Shanghai Disneyland Park installed digital infrared thermometers at the entrance to quickly detect human body temperature and ensure passengers' health.

 Why Digital Infrared Thermometer Was Widely Used?cid=96

Why digital infrared thermometer widely used? This is because it has the advantages of non-contact and rapid temperature measurement. The heat emitted from the human body and objects can make signal conversion through infrared temperature measurement module, and then calculate the corresponding temperature with an intelligent algorithm. In this way, human body temperature can be measured contactless.


At present, digital facial infrared thermometer in the market can not only support self-service temperature measurement, but also identity verification methods such as NFC/ HID card, QR invitation code, face recognition and so on. It can do a good job in population information registration and better control epidemic spread.


Why Digital Infrared Thermometer Was Widely Used?cid=96

For more efficiently satisfy market demand on daily epidemic prevention and temperature measurement, Telpo launched an upgraded multi-person digital facial infrared thermometer TPS980G.


It can support infrared temperature measurement, face recognition, mask detection, high-temperature alarm, access control, attendance, visitor registration in seconds, better enhance overall efficiency and standard of anti-epidemic. With CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC, Anatel, BIS multiple certification guarantee high quality.


When human body temperature is detected37.3, the device will automatic alarm and send a high-temperature alert email. It can monitor the temperature in real-time and send device data to the server, which is conducive to provide effective data support for screening and tracing suspected patients and floating personnel.

Why Digital Infrared Thermometer Was Widely Used?cid=96

In addition, online version, offline version, local network version, Telpo middleware, and development version those software and platform models can be provided. Once deployed, it can be put into use quickly and greatly improve efficiency.


As anti-epidemic becomes more normal, self-service temperature measurement terminals and identity identification terminals will become the powerful tools for entrance control of all public places. It will enhance public health awareness and urban safety anti-epidemic level.


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