5 Benefits of Deploying Card Readers in Metro Ticket Gates


As the population booms and urbanization deepens, traveling by metro has become a common thing for most people. According to the data, there are 193 metro systems, 731 lines and 13,000 stations all over the world. The number is still growing. How to bring passengers a faster and simpler way to take metros? The operators have deployed metro card readers in ticket gates.

What is the metro card reader?

The metro card reader is usually connected to metro ticket gates or turnstiles. The way it works is very simple. Passengers validate their smart cards or tickets using the ticket validators. They can pass the gate if their tickets are verified as valid, or they cannot pass. People usually refer to the ticket validator installed on the gate as the AFC (automatic fare collection) device.

As technology develops and payment diversifies, the metro card reader is advancing. The verification methods supported become multiple from single. The advanced metro ticketing system supports various fare collection methods covering NFC, QR codes, and even face recognition.

What are the benefits of deploying metro card readers?

1. More visible and readable information display

The metro card reader equipped with a display is more noticeable. As soon as passengers enter the metro stations, they will see a row of ticket validators for metro and know where to check in and take metros. This is especially friendly for out-of-town visitors who are taking the subway at this station for the first time. Besides, the screen of the metro card reader or metro pass scanner can clearly show the ticket verification results and passengers can confirm the results in time, which avoids the awkward situation of thinking that the verification is successful but being blocked by the brake lever.

2. More fare collection options

The paper ticket is no longer the preferred choice of passengers to take public transport. To obtain a paper ticket, passengers need to purchase tickets on-site, which requires more effort and time. By contrast, as digital payments win more popularity, digital tickets are more popular in the field of public transport. At the same time, a ticket validator for metro that can offer more fare collection options is demanding.

The more fare collections passengers can choose, the more convenience they can enjoy. Now, some advanced metro ticket validators not only can support closed-loop payment methods, such as transit cards, digital tickets, etc. but also support open-loop payments so that passengers can pay for their journey with any bank card at hand.

3. Higher validation efficiency

It is a frustrating experience for passengers that they are still waiting in the long line when the train is pulling into the platform. Long queues may not matter to tourists wandering aimlessly, but time is life for survival strugglers in a hurry to get to work. The metro card reader can bring a much higher validation efficiency than manual validation. What passengers need to do is tap their cards to the NFC area of the device or display their QR codes to the metro pass scanners. The sensitive ticket validator for metro enables passengers to quickly pass limited in a few seconds, thereby passengers don’t have to wait in long queues.

4. Efficient metro management

Metro ticket validators not only elevate the efficiency for customers but also facilitate metro operators to manage. By recording and getting access to accurate high-quality data, the metro operators can analyze the actual traffic situation at different times and adjust the schedules of different lines. By increasing the number of trains during peak hours and reducing the number of trains during less crowded hours, metro operators can provide a higher-quality service for passengers, elevate passenger satisfaction and improve cost-effectiveness.

 5. Increased sustainability

Public transport is an environmentally friendly choice and is promoted by more people. As mentioned above, the large deployment of metro card readers can rapidly improve the punctuality and efficiency of trains. If the efficiency of cheap public transport is comparable to that of private cars, more people will choose to travel by metro, resulting in lower energy consumption. It makes public transport a preferred choice for more people and brings increased sustainability to the world.

The above benefits are based on the assumption that the metro ticket validator is reliable enough, and thereby choosing a robust and high-quality validator is of great importance.

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