Costa Rica New ID Card | Fingerprint and Facial Recognition


Three years ago, an idea that citizen would use E-Passport in 2020 was announced by Costa Rica. And now, Costa Rica government put forward another plan, that is, the country's biometric identification platform will add facial recognition on the original basis of fingerprints.


                                              Costa Rica New ID Card |Fingerprint and Facial Recognition


E-ID has gradually become a major tool to law enforcement agencies and officers. Without resorting to messages in the news and countless paperwork to identify the thief, the work of the police authorities was greatly facilitated.


In virtue of the biometric technologies including fingerprint and facial recognition, law enforcement officers can immediately recognize the person with his name, e-ID card and more detail information nowadays.


Costa Rica New ID Card |Fingerprint and Facial Recognition

With the advent of major biometric databases, handheld biometric terminal can help officers check the E-ID in the field more efficiently to protect the public. At the same time, rigorous field has more strict demands on handheld biometric terminal.


Equipping with Korea Slim2 fingerprint and obtain FAP20 certification and LFD, Telpo handheld biometric terminal (HBT) TPS360 is one of best product in security field.


Costa Rica New ID Card |Fingerprint and Facial Recognition

It is convenient to carry as it adopts 5-inch and 720P HD screen. The rugged scanner with TPU protection guarantee screen and functions operate normally even if it drops from 1.5m height. And battery capacity can be extended to 7500mAh ensure law enforcement officers can carefree work.


The biometric terminal can better promote the development of mobile law enforcement work and greatly improve their operational efficiency. It can seamlessly connect the police platform with the upper security information system to truly realize full police information.

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