How to Deliver a Positive Experience in Community Fresh Retail?


In recent years, community-based fresh food retail has been gaining popularity due to the increasing demand for fresh and high-quality food products among consumers. Delivering a positive customer experience has become a key for retailers to win in the fierce competition.

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Trends of Community Fresh Retail

lDiversification of Product Offerings

Fresh produce includes a diverse range of items, covering various types of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, the community fresh food retail stores are expanding their product offerings beyond just fresh produce to include a variety of groceries, prepared foods, and specialty items.

lEmphasis on Convenience and Efficiency

These fresh produce stores are typically located near residential areas, making it convenient for residents to purchase fresh food ingredients and daily necessities. Therefore, saving time and effort has become a future trend for community fresh food retail.

lMore Interactive Shopping Experience

Community fresh food retail stores need to establish intimate relationships with customers to retain more customers.  Now more stores are dedicated to building trust and loyalty through interaction and communication and providing a better shopping experience.

How to Deliver a Positive Experience in Community Fresh Retail?

The community-based fresh retail is in a rapid digital transformation process. In this context, the adoption of advanced technology such as smart cash registers has become increasingly important.

What Types of Smart Cash Registers Suitable for Community Fresh Retail?

lWeighing scale

Weighing scale is an essential function of cash registers used for fresh produce retail. Many fresh food items, such as fruits, vegetables, and meats, are sold by weight rather than by quantity. The built-in scale allows for accurate measurement and pricing of these items, ensuring that customers are charged correctly for their purchases.

lBarcode scanner

The packaged fresh food items are available in these stores to help customers speed up their shopping process. The barcode scanner can expedite the checkout process by quickly and accurately scanning the barcodes on packaged fresh food items and other grocery products.

lContactless Payment Options

Contactless transactions are increasingly popular among people for their speed, convenience, and security. By offering these options, community fresh food retail stores can cater to the preferences of a diverse customer base and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Why Telpo AI Cash Register with Scale C50 is the Best Choice?

The Telpo C50 is a checkout kiosk that utilizes AI and computer vision to complete an automatic object identification and checkout process. With a weighing scale, NFC payments, and optional secondary screen, this Telpo cash register with scale can satisfy all requirements in the fresh produce retail scenarios.

cash register with scale

lIntegrated weighing scale ensures one-stop shopping

The Telpo C50 offers 2 options, respectively tray version and scale version. With the Telpo cash register with weighing scale, the cashier can weigh the items directly on the scale integrated into the cash register, instead of having to weigh items separately and manual price inputting. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

lAI recognition completes checkout in seconds

Powered by AI computer vision, the Telpo C50 can identify various fresh produce varieties and reach accuracy at 99.8%. This can streamline the scanning and pricing of products, reducing the need for manual input and potentially speeding up transactions.

lMultiple payment options provide more convenience

By integrating an NFC reader and QR code scanner, Customers can simply tap their mobile devices or cards on the payment terminal, eliminating the need to handle cash or input PIN numbers. This saves time at the point of sale, reduces waiting times for customers, and improves overall operational efficiency in the store.

lDual-screen enhances customer interaction

With the optional customer-display of 15.6-inch and 10.1-inch, the interaction with customers is improved with the Telpo AI checkout kiosk. Customers are provided with real-time information about their purchases, such as item names, prices, and quantities, enhancing transparency and facilitating the checkout process. Besides, the secondary display can be used to showcase promotional offers and advertisements, and thus enhance customer loyalty.

lPowerful performance ensures smooth operation

Powered by Octa-Core and Android 13 OS, the Telpo C50 is up to 12 TOPS of AI computing power. The high performance guarantees that it processes transactions quickly and efficiently, reducing wait times for customers and improving overall service speed.

cash register with scale

Founded in 1999, Telpo has rich experience in providing smart terminals and solutions. Telpo has cooperated with China’s leading community-based fresh produce retailers and empowers the digitalization of fresh produce retail. Welcome to contact us for more details.


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