Redefine Commerce with the Power of Small POS Machines


In the evolving world of commerce, small POS machines are leading a revolution with their agility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These compact solutions are not just space-savers, they are redefining the possibilities of point-of-sale operations.

small POS machines
How the small pos machines redefine the commerce in the new era

The Versatile Powerhouse

Small POS machines are setting new standards with their high efficiency, flexibility, and competitive edge. They offer a more affordable and scalable payment infrastructure, providing operators with a significant advantage in a competitive market. Their compact design allows for easier installation in various environments, facilitating a swift transition to modern payment solutions.

Key Features that Spark Interest

Small POS machines like the Telpo P8 and M8 are designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. They come equipped with a suite of features that rival those of traditional, larger models. These include high-speed thermal printing, NFC payments, QR code scanning, and comprehensive communication capabilities with support for various networks. The availability of rich peripheral interfaces allows for seamless integration with a wide range of external devices, enhancing functionality and versatility.

Expanding Functionality

Small POS machines offer a wealth of features that cater to the diverse needs of different industries. The Telpo P8, with its built-in 58mm printer, is designed for high-speed, high-volume transaction environments. The M8, with its dual-display design, enhances customer interaction and streamlines operations with its secondary customer-facing display.

Unlocking Business Potential

Small POS machines are not just tools; they are keys to unlocking business potential. Here are a few ways they add value:

Cost-Effective Deployment: With lower initial investment and maintenance costs, small POS machines allow businesses to allocate resources where they matter most.

Space-Efficient Design: Their compact footprint makes them ideal for businesses with limited counter space, without compromising on functionality.

Future-Ready Technology: Equipped with the latest technology, small POS machines future-proof your business, ensuring compatibility with emerging payment methods and technologies.

Transform Your Payment Process

Telpo's P8 and M8 are not just small POS machines, they are powerhouses of innovation, designed to transform your payment process:

Telpo P8: This model's standout feature is its large-capacity battery, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the busiest of environments. Its powerful quad-core CPU and Android 10 OS deliver a seamless experience for both merchants and customers.

Small POS machines
Telpo P8 with Printer: break all limits of payments

Telpo M8: With a 200% performance improvement over its predecessors, the M8 is a force to be reckoned with. Its dual-display design and enhanced printing capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses that require a customer-facing interface and high transaction speeds.

Small POS machines
Telpo M8 get all fullfilled on one device


Small POS machines like Telpo's P8 and M8 are more than just space-saving devices, they are the future of point-of-sale technology. Opting for this compact POS solution, businesses can enjoy a cost-effective, flexible, and highly competitive edge in the market.
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