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How Does Face Recognition Technology Works?

Aug. 07, 2018


What is Face Recognition Technology?

Facial recognition is a category of biometric software that maps an individual's facial features mathematically and stores the data as a faceprint. The software uses deep learning algorithms to compare a live capture or digital image to the stored faceprint in order to verify an individual's identity. 

How Does A simple Facial Recognition Application Work?


The software identifies 80 nodal points on a human face. In this context, nodal points are endpoints used to measure variables of a person’s face, such as 

-The length or width of the nose
-The distance between the eyes
-The depth of the eye sockets
-The shape of the cheekbones.
-The length of the jawline

The system works by capturing data for nodal points on a digital image of an individual’s face and storing the resulting data as a faceprint. The faceprint is then used as a basis for comparison with data captured from faces in an image or video.


Even though the facial recognition system only uses 80 nodal points, it can quickly and accurately identify target individuals when the conditions are favorable. However, if the subject’s face is partially obscured or in profile rather than facing forward, or if the light is insufficient, this type of software is less reliable. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the incidence of false positives in facial recognition systems has been halved every two years since 1993.

Usages of facial recognition technology

A research team at Carnegie Mellon has developed a proof-of-concept iPhone app that can take a picture of an individual and -- within seconds -- return the individual's name, date of birth and social security number.



The Google Arts & Culture app use facial recognition to identify museum doppelgangers by matching a real person's faceprint with portrait's faceprint.


Chinese university uses facial recognition technology to track students’ attendance.


What About Telpo Face Recognition Machine
Widely used for access control, time & Attendance, biometric Security etc.

TPS950/TPS980 5.5" and 8" Biometric Face Recognition Machines

with touch screen and refined structure. Infrared sensors and two LED lights can sense the human face at night. 


As a contactless biometric solution that’s easy to deploy in consumer devices, face recognition is showing the public just how convenient strong authentic)


Smart Android cash register machine TPS650 is equipped with Android 5.1 OS, Face ID camera and built-in 80mm thermal printer (automatic paper cutting). 

Telpo TPS650 is one of the most high-profile Android cash register machines with the face recognition camera in the customer display, which benefit for the efficient biometric face authentication in the self-service payment, hotel check-in, access control, etc.

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