Case Share| How Self-service Machines Make Checkout Faster and Safer?


The pandemic accelerates transformation in patterns of consumption and payment. How to makes contactless checkout more efficient and safer has become a problem of retailers. Luckily, self-service machines help solve it.

Supermarkets self service machine

Telpo K7 serves the Seven Fresh Supermarkets.

Jingdong(also called long been a leader in the retail industry. In order to solve the problems that link with traditional retail cashier, like low efficiency, high cost, poor real-time monitoring, poor marketing effect and so on. Jingdong Seven Fresh Supermarkets introduce Telpo K7 Self-service machines.

What is Jingdong Qi Fresh Supermarket?Jingdong Seven Fresh Supermarket (also known as "7Fresh") is anoffline fresh food supermarket under the Jingdong Company that aims to provideurban customers with "smart, fast, high-quality fresh shopping services

Redeployment of cashiers
Deploying cashiers often poses a dilemma on supermarkets. In the peak period of customer flow, they need to hire additional cashiers, which means they have to spend more on employment and training. However, in the off-season, too many cashiers will be in redundancy. Self-checkout machines are good for redeployment. According to the survey, an average of 3 self-service cash registers can save 1 employee. Additionally, one cashier can monitor 4 to 6 self-checkout machines at the same time. Introduction of self-service machines helps a single store save more than 200,000 yuan of cost for cashier management every year.
In addition to saving costs for supermarkets, self-checkout machines improve shopping experience of customers by offering them more control, more convenience and a speedier checkout option.

Only on a Telpo K7 Self-service machine, customers can complete the process of commodity settlement, payment and receipt printing by themselves.

Telpo K7 Self-service machines

Telpo K7 serves the Seven Fresh Supermarkets.

Self-service gives customers more control.

Customers have more control on checkout with a self-checkout machine. First, they can choose to check out with the help of cashier or do by themselves. Additionally, people’s need for privacy can be met for only customers can see what they have bought. Last but not least, some customers believe they achieve greater accuracy than a checkout operator. Self-service machines give customers more freedom and satisfy their desire for control.

Rapid QR code scanner facilitates faster checkout.

Telpo K7 self-service machine is equipped with a rapid QR code scanner, which can support both QR code and commodity code. Sensitive scanning makes checkout much speedier. Taking Seven Fresh Supermarket as an example, after introducing self-service machines, the per capita checkout speed increased by about 25%, and the queue time decreased by about 36%. Self-checkout machines efficiently solve the problem of queuing in rush hours, giving customers a better shopping experience.

Multiple payment methods provide more choices.

Telpo K7 self-checkout machine supports multiple card payment, including credit card chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and NFC cards. In addition, face recognition payment is supported. Telpo K7 supports any modern payment method, better satisfying customers’ needs for payment.

Stable and long lifetime thermal printer enhances accuracy and durability.

Telpo K7 equipped with a thermal printer helps customers print their receipts. Long lifetime printers support long working hours, not interrupting the checkout process of any customer. Clear receipts it printed can help customers check items more accurately.

Humanization designs upgrade the comfort of operation.

Bigger screen presents clearer contents. K7 is equipped with a 23.8-inch FHD screen which can deliver clear contents and vivid images, giving customers a better browsing and checkout experience. What’s more, K7 can be installed with a check-out counter. It provides enough space for customers to place their goods.

Self-checkout machines bring Jingdong Supermarkets higher efficiency and less costs and bring customers a more efficient and safer checkout experience. Telpo, together with partners around the world, will continue providing smart terminals and solutions, to create a colorful future.

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