Does Computer Vision Enable Automation and Self-service?


Thanks to computer vision technology, AI vision checkout terminals push automation and self-service to the next level. In this article, let’s discuss the AI-driven self-checkout technology and the future of self-service.

AI vision checkout terminal

What is the AI vision self-checkout terminal?

The AI-driven self-checkout terminal is a frictionless retail solution by virtue of artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. As soon as customers place the items that they are purchasing on the designated tray, the camera of the self-checkout terminal will automatically identify the items and retrieve corresponding prices from the database, eliminating customers’ operation of scanning the items one by one.

How AI vision checkout terminals enable self-service?

It’s obvious that computer vision-based checkout terminals simplify and optimize the checkout process, making customers’ shopping experience faster, more streamlined and more convenient.

1. Find a self-checkout terminal at checkout zone

Similar to the traditional checkout process, customers need to enter the checkout zone to start their checkout journeys. They can get ready to self-checkout when they find an available checkout terminal.

2. Place items on the designated area

There is a designated area indicated on the AI vision checkout terminal and customers need to place the items they are purchasing on the tray. After this conduct is done, what customers need to do is to wait. The AI camera built-in can identify multiple items at the same time, which greatly elevates checkout efficiency.

3. Pay, grab and go

In addition to identifying the items, the AI-driven self-checkout terminal can instantly retrieve the corresponding items from the database and calculate the total price. On the display, customers can clearly see what they have purchased and how much they should pay. After confirmation, customers can choose the preferred payment method to pay, then grab and go.

Why AI vision checkout terminals help achieve self-service?

1. Intuitive operation

The operation of the AI kiosk machine is intuitive and easy to understand. Customers can do it alone without staff assistance. They don’t need to either scan the items one by one or input the product prices. Easy operation is the basis of self-service, which ensures that customers can operate the self-checkout terminal independently.

2. Wide recognition range

The AI vision checkout terminal can accurately recognize a wide range of product varieties. With the right algorithm, the AI-driven self-checkout terminal can identify items covering fruits, vegetables, meats, self-filling concepts, and even non-food. The AI vision checkout terminal relying on computer vision technology can meet demands in most retail scenarios.

3. High identification accuracy

The machine has a higher accuracy than manual operation. Besides, as the number of scans increases, the identification accuracy will get higher and higher. Taking Telpo’s latest-launched AI vision checkout terminal as an example, the identification accuracy can achieve 99.5%, which avoids the loss brought by manual mistakes.

4. Faster item identification

Unlike traditional self-service kiosks, AI kiosks use computer vision technology to identify multiple items simultaneously. This speeds up the checkout process and customers don’t have to conduct the time-costly process of placing the items close to the scanner one by one.

5. Multiple payment options

By offering multiple contactless payment options, AI vision checkout terminals can support current mainstream contactless payments. Customers can freely choose the method they prefer to pay for their purchases.

AI vision checkout terminal

Let’s explore more possibilities of AI vision checkout terminal

Telpo’s latest-launched AI vision checkout terminal, C50, is the best checkout solution to help your businesses go one step further toward the future of self-service. Welcome to contact us for more details. We are ready to be a cooperative partner to boost your business!

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