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Liveness Detection |How To Choose Suitable Camera Of Face Recognition Terminal

Sep. 14, 2020

The safety of face recognition technology gradually gains attention as face recognition is widely applied at various scenes. Particular in the unattended applications, liveness detection is an indispensable component.


Liveness Detection |How To Choose Suitable Camera Of Face Recognition Terminal

Nowadays, there are two main categories of liveness detection, one is active, and another is passive. In the market, common face recognition terminals will introduce monocular/binocular /3D structured light cameras to support liveness detection. However, what are the differences and scene applications between monocular, binocular, and 3D structured light cameras? Today, let's take a look at it.


Liveness Detection |How To Choose Suitable Camera Of Face Recognition Terminal

Monocular camera (RGB) parsed unstructured video data to structure data through a monocular algorithm in real-time. Based on people's facial features, it can judge whether there is face exist in the input face images or video and capture face key information and analysis gender, age, and other attributes.


It can be used for accurate marketing, facial interaction, or customer sentiment analysis. The monocular RGB liveness detection supports 1: N face database search and 1:1 witness comparison.


Advantage: easy to deploy and low cost

Scene: accurate marketing, passenger flow statistic, access control management, etc

Applicable equipment: face recognition attendance terminal, self-service device, smart shelf


Liveness Detection |How To Choose Suitable Camera Of Face Recognition Terminal

Binocular camera (RGB + IR) can capture and recognize a face, make accurate identification at some key feature points including eyes, ears and nose, and calculate space information such as pupil distance, nose height, distance from eyes to mouth to ears and so on within 1mm error.


Advantage: Higher accuracy. It can effectively resist attacks from photos and videos and has stronger adaptability to light change, complex background environment, and other factors.

Scene: Access control management

Applicable equipment: face recognition gate, face recognition attendance machine, etc.

 Liveness Detection |How To Choose Suitable Camera Of Face Recognition Terminal

3D structured light. Based on deep learning structured light algorithm and 3D depth-sensing camera, it can use a structured light device to obtain color, infrared, depth photos of the scene. Through detect and analysis face, it will form a 3D face image and create a facial model with facial depth information, achieve better recognition speed, precision, and security.


Advantage: Superior security, recognition accuracy, and recognition speed. It can more effective against attacks from paper, mask, and other tools and not affected by ambient light.

Scene: face recognition payment, places with higher safety demand

Applicable device: face recognition payment, smart vending machine

In conclusion, the cost of a monocular camera is lower, but it should combine with an algorithm to increase accuracy. Binocular camera with reasonable price and better accuracy is most widely used in the market. 3D structured light owns the best performance and the expensive price, more suitable for abundant budget places and projects.


At present, Telpo face recognition terminals support monocular/binocular /3D structured light solution, which has widely used in the smart community, smart campus, smart security, smart factory, smart payment, smart retail, smart restaurant, smart access control, smart attendance, visitor management, and other scenes.


With 21-years of mature R&D capability and professional after-sales service, 200+ technical patents as strength guarantee, Telpo products have already served 100+ countries and regions, contributing itself to promote the rapid development of face recognition. If you’re interested, welcome to contact us.

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