How Pharmacy Kiosks Provide Quicker Service?


Self-service kiosks have been applied moreand more widely. In terms of healthcare, self-service kiosks have long beenused in hospitals to help patients register themselves, fill out forms and thusspeed up medical process. In recent years, self-service kiosks are starting tobe used in pharmacies, providing quicker service for customers.

pharmacy kiosk

What is a pharmacy kiosk?

Pharmacy kiosks use the principle ofvending kiosks to sell medicines and patients can immediately pick up aprescription medication at a kiosk. The pharmacy kiosk is also called aself-serve medical kiosk, drug kiosk, etc. It is best for college clinics,specialty clinics and pharmacies to introduce pharmacy kiosks, providingquicker service and more convenience.

Pharmacy kiosks streamline the tasks lineof the customers, by simplifying the process of check-in, medicine pick-up,shopping, checkout, etc. First of all, the customer uses a bar-code onhis mobile device to identify himself. Then he should enter a PIN toretrieve his order. Third, the medication is picked and labeled and thepharmacist views the order remotely. Once verified, the pharmacistauthorizes the order for release and the patient can get his medicine.

What benefits does a pharmacy kiosk bring?

Expand your pharmacy’s customer base and extend service hours.

Most pharmacies can’t provide 24-hourservice, which may keep some patients from getting timely help, and make thepharmacies miss their customers. With pharmacy kiosks introduced, evenunmanned, the pharmacy can be available all day long. It saves labor costs forthe pharmacies and provides timely services for patients.

Reduce waiting time and improve patient experience.

It may be an annoying thing for patients towait for a long time to pick up their drugs. Patients who suffer minor ailmentscan obtain non-prescription drugs on their own through the pharmacy kiosk. Theydon’t have to listen to pharmacists sell expensive non-prescription drugs, orkeep waiting motionless when the pharmacist is serving others. Patients’ needscan be satisfied immediately and their purchase experiences are enhanced.

Provide support for pharmacists and reduce operating costs.

Some pharmacies are struggling withunderstaffing, and pharmacy kiosks can help solve this problem. Pharmacy kioskscan serve part of patients without the help of pharmacists, which alleviatesthe pressure on them. Self-service kiosks save more time for pharmacists tocomplete other more important tasks, such as prescribing and dispensing.Therefore, there is no need for pharmacies to hire additional staff, reducingoperating costs.

Improve patient medication adherence andprotect privacy.

Some patients may give up on a medicationwithout their doctors’ advice, for long waiting lines and long distance.Pharmacy kiosks simplify the process of picking up medicines and eliminatestroubles for them, and thus they will be more pleased to insist on medicinetaking. Besides, pharmacy kiosks can help protect patients’ privacy for theydon’t have to talk about their conditions in public.

Self-service kiosks are not just forpharmacies, they are also used in restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores,etc. According to one study, over 65% of consumers preferred usingself-service over interacting with an associate. To create a colorfulfuture and meet the needs of business operators and customers, Telpo has beenlaunching a variety of high-quality products.

All-in-one Self-service Telpo Kiosk K5

Telpo K5 is an all-in-one self-service kiosk that can be widely applied in many industries, including retail,catering, beauty and cosmetics, health care, etc. Customer experience istransformed by distinguished self-service ordering, self-service printing, andself-service payment experience.

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Clear, sensitive, and durable screen. Equipped with the industrial-grade full HD and ten-point touchcapacitive screen, excellent visual and tactile experiences are delivered.

Built-in 80mm thermal printer with autocutter. The speed of the printer can be up to170mm/s. Multilingual and clear printing is also supported.

External POS machine. Various payment choices are provided and transactions becomedigitalized.

Face recognition. Single-lens, dual-lens or 3D structured light camera is optional.Accurate facial identification and easy membership management are ensured bywide enough range of views.

Mini Kiosk Telpo K10

Telpo K10 is a self-service kiosk of smallsize, which takes up little space and makes digital self-service applied ineven a small shop. Telpo K10 is most suitable for use in small retail storeswith lots of goods, for its mini size helps enhance frictionless intuitiveengaging of customers.

pharmacy kiosk k10


Lightweight and small size. Telpo K10 weights only 5.5kg and even one person can pick it upeasily. It is half less than a traditional self-service kiosk and takes up lessspace.

Multiple functions. Compact design makes Telpo K10 provide full functions though it’sof small size, delivering smooth and efficient self-service ordering,self-service scanning, self-service checkout and self-service printingexperience.

3D face recognition camera. Every face can be recognized by precise positioning andfeatures-capturing. Quick and accurate face recognition payment is alsosupported.

Self-service payment. Built-in fully certified payment module accepts any currentmainstream payment methods.

Founded in 1999, Telpo is a world-leadingsmart security terminal and solution provider. To better provide services forcustomers worldwide, Telpo has set up offices in India and Russia as well asbranches in Hong Kong, Nigeria, America, Germany and Sri Lanka. In virtue of22-year professional project experience and strong market recognition, Telpoproducts have served more than 120+ countries and established strategiccooperation with telecom operators, governments, banks, Internet companies, andother world-renowned companies. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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