Retail Now 2023: Telpo Empowers Retail Innovation


RSPA, or Retail Solutions Providers Association, is a leading industry association dedicated to the advancement and growth of the retail technology industry. RSPA brings together all stakeholders of retail technology and explores the solutions to make them stay ahead. As a long-standing member of RSPA, Telpo attends the trade show Retail Now 2023, shares Telpo’s innovative products and solutions, and has a heated discussion with attendees at the site.

telpo attends retail now exhibition

Retail Now 2023 was held from July 31st to August 1st in 2023, which offers a comprehensive exhibition demonstrating the most advanced retail technology, covering retail products, solutions, services, etc. Attendees experienced the latest cutting-edge devices in person, discovered the innovative tools to boost their businesses and got in touch with desired cooperative partners.

Retail industry dynamics

The retail industry is evolving and currently presents 3 features.

1. Customers have higher requirements for the consumption experience

Online shopping has had a strong impact on offline shopping, and customers have increasingly high requirements for offline consumption experience. Many offline retailers are thriving to retain customers by improving customer experience and enhancing their loyalty.

2. The lack of labor causes a higher labor cost

The labor cost is becoming increasingly expensive due to various factors, like the aging population. To keep competitive in the market, retailers need to control the rising labor costs while providing a fast and satisfactory experience to customers.

3. Upgrading retail technology is a must to stay competitive

The advancing retail technology delivers benefits to business operators, staff and customers. It helps reduce the training time of skilled labor, improve working efficiency and experience and deliver faster and higher-quality service to customers.

Telpo at Retail Now 2023

To keep up with the latest retail trend and solve more pain points of customers, Telpo has launched a wide variety of POS terminals.

telpo retail now exhibition

1. Desktop Android Point-of-Sale, Telpo C8

The Telpo smart cash register C8 is designed for various cashier scenarios. It provides an efficient order or checkout solution to withstand the fast-paced ordering and cashier needs. Adopting a powerful chip scheme, the Telpo C8 runs on the Android 13 OS, which provides ease for users to conduct secondary development and ensures long-time operation. Applying the hidden-line design, the cables can be hidden under the cover plate and offers a tidy counter for users and customers. What’s worth mentioning is that this Telpo Android POS offers various customer-facing screen options to adapt to different application scenarios, covering the 15.6-inch and 10.1-inch screen sizes, and portrait and landscape type.

2. Self-service kiosk, Telpo K8

As labor cost goes higher, self-service has been a more cost-effective method for customers to order and check out. The Telpo K8 only weighs 10.5kg and can be placed anywhere using the brackets of the floor stand, wall mounting and desktop. Adopting a modular design, the Telpo kiosk is easy and time-saving to maintain. It supports multiple contactless payment methods to satisfy the needs of customers, covering QR code payments, NFC, and face recognition payments.

telpo automatic checkout terminal

Additionally, the attendees at Retail Now were able to see and experience the Telpo AI vision checkout terminal that’s to come. This AI vision checkout terminal integrates advanced computer vision technology and artificial intelligence and won lots of praise from attendees at the site.

It’s an exciting time for Telpo to attend the trade show, Retail Now 2023. At the exhibition site, we exhibit our newest products and technologies, communicate amazing ideas with attendees and feel the rapid growth of retail technology. Thank you to everyone we met at Retail NOW 2023. Looking forward to reaching out to you in the future or seeing you at other shows!

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