Telpo C2 | The New Desktop POS Creates A Novel Cashier Mode


It is said that innovation is the creation of a resource. To create a colorful future, Telpo likes to break the routine. By breaking up the bulky appearance of traditional cash registers, Telpo launches a more compact desktop POS, C2, to create a novel cashier mode.

Compact desktop POS Telpo C2

Desktop POS Telpo C2 is an updated version compared to Telpo C1, which is more able to reduce users’ trouble, improve efficiency, and deliver a more pleasurable checkout experience.

compact desktop POS Telpo C2

Compact design. With the appearance of a penguin, Telpo C2 takes up a smaller space. The more compact appearance saves more space and upgrades the business operation.

desktop POS

Built-in 80mm printer. The built-in Seiko printer is of good quality, which can provide a printing speed of 200mm/s and deliver a smooth and high-efficient printing experience.

desktop POS Telpo C2

Powerful performance. Collocated with Android 12 OS, dual-core 1.8GHz + quad-core 1.4GHz CPU, and max 8GB DDR + 128GB eMMC memory, Telpo C2 can run software at a high speed, bringing a smoother software running experience to customers.

desktop POS Telpo C2

3 display options. There are 3 options for operators to choose to suit different business styles, respectively 15.6” single display, 15.6”+ 15.6” dual display, and 15.6”+ 10.1” dual display.

Rich interfaces to connect various deices. Telpo C2 obtains rich interfaces including 4 USBs, 1 Micro USB, 1DB9, 1 RJ12, 1 RJ45, 1 Audio Jack, 1 DC port to make it connected to the required external equipment like cash drawer, barcode scanner, QR code box, e-scale, router and so on.

desktop POS

The smart desktop POS, C2 is a big step in Telpo’s innovation. We have confidence that Telpo C2 can bring you with a higher-efficient and smoother user experience. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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