Seminar Review: Explore the Future of Digital Transportation


On July 8th, 2023, Telpo held a seminar with the topic of Explore the Future of Digital Transportation. Under the background of the digital transformation of global public transport, how to conduct efficient and convenient ticketing has been becoming an important issue. To catch up with the latest ticketing trend, Telpo has launched a future-proof intelligent ticket validator, T20.

Telpo validator T20

Public transport ticketing is undergoing a rapid transformation. The product manager Tim argues that this digital transformation is driven by 4 factors.

1. Payment transformation in the post-pandemic era

The COVID-19 pandemic affected all aspects of people’s everyday lives, including public transport for sure. For health reasons, cashless payment methods won more favors. Though the pandemic calmed down, most people still continue the contactless payment habit.

2. Improvement of transport payment regulations

Public transport ticketing is improving and turning to unified. Well-known transportation industry associations like IPxpt, Calypso, ITSO, etc., are vigorously promoting unified ticket norms.

3. Advancement of technology

The evolving technology is changing public transport. The data management platforms and travel platforms are being upgraded, which provides more convenience for transport operators to manage their fleets and provide a higher-quality transportation service for passengers.

4. Emphasis on environmental protection

The government and organizations are placing more emphasis on zero-emission of vehicles, and electric buses are more common to see. Therefore, public transport is turning towards a greener and more environment-friendly way.

It is in the context of such a digital transformation that Telpo launched the latest future-proof ticket validator T20. During the seminar, attendees discussed why Telpo T20 is the most reliable bus validator that adapts to the current public transport ticketing trend.

Telpo validator T20

1. 7-inch display to better conduct self-service ticket validation

Equipped with a 7-inch screen that supports 500nit brightness, the Telpo T20 is friendly for passengers to operate. With the large screen, it’s easier for passengers to confirm whether they have validated their tickets. Besides, when conducting facial payments, the portrait screen is friendly for passengers to adjust the angles.

2. Multiple validation and payment methods provide enough flexibility

By offering a variety of payment and ticket validation methods, the bus validator can let passengers choose whichever method is most convenient for them. The Telpo T20 supports all kinds of payments covering paper tickets, transit cards, EMV bank cards, QR codes, face recognition, etc. This avoids the delays caused by situations that passengers cannot pay, resulting in a shorter boarding time and a more efficient journey.

3. Dual-frequency GPS for accurate real-time data transmission

Data is of great importance for public transport operators to manage their fleets. By virtue of the dual-frequency GPS supported by Telpo bus validator T20, the operators can get access to the operation situations of fleets in real-time and adjust the shift in time.

4. Powerful performance for all-day smooth operation

Adapting the RK3568 chip scheme, the Telpo T20 can deliver a powerful performance with a Quad-Core 2.0GHz CPU. Running on Android 11 OS, this latest validator can satisfy the most complex demands for users to expand their functions and applications.

5. Leading protection level leads to a longer service life

The Telpo T20 has a leading protection level of IP65 and IK68, which ensures the normal operation of the ticket validation terminal under complex moving vehicle conditions. According to the statics, the Telpo T20 can suffer the operation environment temperature from -25 to 60.

In addition to the reliable hardware, the Telpo T20 has a stylish appearance. The appearance design of the Telpo T20 puts user experience in the first place. The bright orange is used as an embellishment color so that passengers clearly know where to validate their tickets as soon as they get on the bus or enter the station. Additionally, the function divisions are more in line with users’ payment habits.
Telpo validator T20

At the last of the seminar, attendees experienced the functions of the ticket validator Telpo T20 and expressed their praises.

The Telpo T20 is a ticket validator that caters to the latest public transport trend. Under the trend of the digitalization of public transport, the Telpo T20 will play a more important role in providing efficient and reliable ticket validation.

Indeed, Telpo validator T20 has been tested by the market and won wide recognition from customers. The Telpo T20 has been applied in multiple scenarios that require validation, including buses, metro stations, entertainment venues, etc.

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