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Japan Stakes On QR Code Payment To Stimulate Spending

Nov. 15, 2019

Japan government has advocated to creating a cashless society for a while, and some preliminary effect can be seen in Japanese daily life. Japan Boost the Cashless Payment


Fans of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles failed to use cash at the food and drink stall in the baseball season rolled out in Japan this spring as its subordinate company, Rakuten Inc. making a plan to promote its QR code mobile payment system. 

Japan QR Code Payment POS reader

At the same time, food, beverage and merchandise sales at the Eagles stadium in Sendai raised 20 percent compare with the same period in 2018, partly due to changing spending habit from cash to QR mobile payment. 

Japan Cashless Payment POS QR Code reader

In fact, QR code technology is originated from Japan although its QR code payment is not popular as China. Experts expected that once customers start to use it they will not see cash leaving their wallets and pay more attention to the satisfaction of purchase and further buy more. And this spending desire is crucial to Japan's deflating economy.


In order to alleviate the spending effect caused by increasing consumption tax, Japan government is staking on mobile payment and intends to offer customers points redeemable for future discounts if they use QR codes and other forms of cashless payment for nine months.  

Japan Cashless Payment POS QR Code reader

Government attitude towards QR code payment is beneficial for shop owners as it can effectively reduce the circulation of counterfeit money and save workforces in a way. Under such circumstance, a practical QR code is prominent.


Telpo QR code reader TPS508, small size contains powerful performance. It can be placed flexible as its small appearance and enables seamless connect 98% of the cashier system on the market, without any transformation, greatly reducing retailers’ input cost. Once the commodities are totally scanned, customers can show their electronic payment code in front of the reader to complete payment.

Japan QR Code Payment POS device


As the saying goes, if we can change how we pay, we certainly have ability to change society as a whole. The vigorously advocate and support of QR code payment will bring a positive effect on Japan's cashless process.


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