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Where Are the Young People After Work? At Convenience Store

Jul. 02, 2019

The convenience store is the product of capitalist society; it stands for standard, order, and homogenization since its birth. On the other hand, an exclusive consumption emotion of convenience store culture also appears as a convenience store has been involved in young people daily life.

Where are the young people after work? At convenience store

Fast Food Generation  

In East Asia, the pioneer of convenience store Seven-Eleven first appeared in Japan. Its character of offering 24-hour service, convenient commodities and fresh food gradually catch people's hearts and become an indispensable daily consumption place for Japanese. Nowadays, a host of young people no longer has enough time to cook by himself at home, they only can choose to buy fast food outside as they are imbuing with busy work. However, considering of the economic condition, they fail to consume at the restaurant every day, thus the cheaper fast-food provided at convenience store becomes their prominent choice, which called as 'refrigerator at house'.


Where are the young people after work? At convenience store

 The fast-food at the convenience store has become the prominent choice of busy office workers.

Digitization Kitchen

With the progress of technology, new retail products gradually appear. Combining the big data technology and new retail products, it can optimize the operation of a convenience store, helping operators make a scientific judgment in supplying commodities. Meanwhile, it can provide an exclusive customized service for each consumer. The owner can digitally grasp consumers’ preference for food, accurately track their consumption requirement, and eventually summarize their lifestyles in a different region. 


Where are the young people after work? At convenience store

the small kitchen in the convenience store provides customers with a variety of fast food.

Food Record Social Development

If date and intelligence are the indicators of standard and food security, then the development of food corresponding to society also represents the soft power of the convenience store. Each food product in a convenience store reflects some changes in society. Just like the rice balls with various tastes introduced in 1978, which relieved the double burden of taking care of the home and going to work of the career women. Nowadays, it changed to a son praise the fried chicken at another convenience store instead of his father’s one. It means the consumption group and their food preferences also change according to social development.


Where are the young people after work? At convenience store 

Each consumption record at convenience store reflects the changing consumer's preferences.

All in One Retail Cash Register Telpo TPS650

In line with the lifestyle of the young generation, Telpo introduces an all in one retail cash register TPS650, creating a new-fangled consumption for young customers and then stimulate their consuming desires. Particularly, convenience store consumption is a kind of instant, impulsive and fragmented consumption, which requires combine with the thematic experience. Thus, cross-border integration will be the trend of the future. 

 Where are the young people after work? At convenience store

Stylish Cash Register TPS650 is multi-functional.

It is predicted that the convenience stores will present various themes and different kinds of food according to the location and time in the future, but they will both contain data support and emotional experience.


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