Winnipeg Restarted Automated Fare Collection Project After Six Year


Winnipeg expects to test its automated fare collection (AFC) system in December this year after nearly six years passed its original completion date.


Winnipeg, the city located in Canada says the system failed to load online orders on to some customer cards is a major reason to delay a performance test.


Winnipeg Restarted Automated Fare Collection Project After Six Year

And they will replace card-loading systems with more updated technology which will improve convenience for passengers and enhance security and data collection over the previous manual fare collection system.


As network signal and payment method are two major factors that will influence passenger experience, a professional automated fare collection supplier is crucial.


Telpo has provided high-quality smart terminal devices for the government and public transportation and gained highly praise, having a least some say in smart terminal field.


Winnipeg Restarted Automated Fare Collection Project After Six Year


Telpo automated fare collection TPS530 supports OCR camera or barcode reader (hard decoding) with fast recognition speed. Financial NFC is allowed and it has obtained EMV Contactless L1, PayWave and PayPass financial verification. Telpo AFC device TPS530 integrates NFC, QR code payment and face payment together, meeting passengers a variety of payment habits. Compatible with 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth and other communications, passengers need not worry about the network signal at the Winnipeg transit bus.

Automated fare collection with updated technology provides users a more personalized service and is conductive to further establish social credit, further improve city development.  


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