AI Visual Recognition Cash Register C20


NewProduct |AI Visual Recognition Cash Register C20

High trainingcosts, high checkout error rate, slow checkout as well as long waiting linesare the currently existing problems in the physical stores. With the mission of creating a colorfulfuture, Telpo rolls out cash register POS system C20 that integrates AI visual recognition, item weighing, checkout, and receipt printing. It allows users to self-operate theeasy-to-use device, streamline the checkout process as well as enjoy an enhancedsense of technology shopping experience.


Guaranteed by the Android 7 operatingsystem, Dual-Core 1.8GHz+Quad-Core 1.4GHz processor, cash register POS system C20 delivers smoothoperation and easy development. The large memory enables thousands of foodimage data to be stored.

Simple Operation

The AI visual cashregister C20 employs image recognition technology to identify and quickly calculatethe total price of selected goods, speeding up the entire checkout process byten times. Users can put their plate with the selected goods under the camera,which will automatically recognize the products and post the calculated billsto the display. Then, users can choose the payment method, complete thetransaction, print the receipt, and pack the goods.


The 15.6-inch main display with 15.6-inch customerscreen with a simple and user-friendly interface makes C20 an easy-to-use deviceas well as brings an enhanced user experience. The main display can present theweight and price of the product whilst the customer display can show the promotionaladvertising, etc, realizing check-out and advertising at the same time. Inaddition, adjustable screen angle is available so as to make the differentheights of people convenient to use.

AI object recognition Point-of-sale

Objection Recognition

The 2MP object recognition camera workswith the cutting-edge object recognition algorithm and recognize product items within1 second with an accuracy up to 99.5%. AI Point-of-sale significantly locatesand identifies images of goods without the barcode required as well as helpsthe store improve the checkout efficiency and save time.

Cashless Payment

Equipped with professional barcode scanner, NFC module, face camera, and external ETF-POS optional, users can enjoy QR codepayment, NFC payment, face payment, and IC bank payment through the AI visual cash register C20. Multiple payment methods deliver more payment choices whilstcashless payment is conducive to optimizing payment experience and elevating member marketing.

Automatic Ticketing

The high-speed 58mm thermal printer withauto cutter features fast receipt printing and reduced queuing time. All-in-oneweighing, checkout, and receipt printing procedures enhance user experience.

Stainless Steel Scale (optional)

The enclosure of C20 was fabricated with a stainlesssteel plate that features insect-proof and moisture-proof, which is good toimprove the applicability of scenarios. Besides, the professional sensor empowers accurate and efficient weighing.

Value-added Service

Based on the AI visual cash register, wecan additionally provide Telpo MDM and APP Store value-added services. The AppStore allows you freely download the software you require when the Telpo MDM makes you access to remote monitor store operation, data cloud store,multi-device cloud management, and other customization services.

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