Case Share | Telpo P8 Streamlined Invoicing and Tax in Middle Asia


In the bustling hospitality sector of the Middle Asia region, efficient and reliable smart POS terminals are essential. We are thrilled to share the success story of how the Telpo P8, a versatile Android POS terminal integrated with a 58mm printer, has revolutionized the invoicing process and tax control in a leading hotel in the Middle Asia.


The hotel was facing challenges with its existing devices, which included slow transaction processing, cumbersome invoicing, and limited fiscal features. They sought a solution that could streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and ensure compliance with local tax regulations.

Telpo P8 was introduced as the solution to address these challenges. It is a powerful Android EFT POS that supports multiple payment methods and printing, has been a game-changer for the hotel's front desk operations.

Key Features of Telpo Android EFT POS P8

lIntegrated 58mm Thermal Printer

The Telpo P8’s built-in printer allows for quick and clear invoice generation, reducing wait times for guests.

lFiscal Compliance

The Telpo P8 terminal is compatible with the fiscal functionalities, ensuring all transactions are in line with Kyrgyzstan's tax laws.

lUser-friendly Experience

With a compact appearance design, the hotel staff can hold and operate the POS terminal with ease, leading to improved efficiency and more comfortable user experience.

lMultiple Payment Options

The Telpo P8 supports multiple payments covering Chip cards, NFC, digital wallets, MSR, and QR codes, and can satisfy diverse payment needs of customers.

lRobust Payment Security

Passing full certifications of PCI 6.X, EMV L1&L2, EMV Contactless L1, etc., the Telpo P8 offers high-level security features to protect transactions.

Values that Telpo P8 Brings

lImproved Transaction Speed

The hotel has experienced a significant reduction in transaction times, leading to faster check-outs and an overall enhanced guest experience.

lAccurate Invoicing

With the Telpo P8's integrated printer, invoicing has become more accurate and professional, improving the hotel's reputation for reliability.

lEnhanced Tax Compliance

The hotel now enjoys peace of mind with the Telpo P8's tax control features, ensuring all financial activities are compliant with local regulations.

lIncreased Customer Satisfaction

Guests have reported satisfaction with the improved efficiency and professionalism of the hotel's invoicing process.

The deployment of Telpo P8 at the hotel in Kyrgyzstan has been a resounding success. The Android EFT POS terminal Telpo P8's advanced features have not only improved operational efficiency but also contributed to a superior guest experience. Please click the picture for more information on the Telpo P8.

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