Exhibition | Discover Telpo In AUTOCOM 2023 In March


The Telpo team has just finished the fruitful journey in Dusseldorf, where they got lots of innovative ideas on retail from cooperative partners. This time Telpo is going to enthusiastic Latin America, attending the AUTOCOM 2023 held in St. Paulo, Brazil.

AUTOCOM is the largest, most comprehensive and most influential retail automation exhibition in South America. AUTOCOM 2023 will be held from Mar. 28 to Mar. 30 in 2023. Thousands of representatives from the industries of retail, identification, automatic data acquisition, etc. will gather at the exhibition to discuss the most advanced technology and future prospect of retail automation.


As a smart retail terminal and solution provider, Telpo will bring its hottest classic products and latest-launched products to the site of AUTOCOM 2023, discuss with you face to face and develop solutions that meet all your needs.

The products that Telpo brings to AUTOCOM 2023 cover multiple fields.

Cash Registers Family

Cash Registers

Dedicated to improving cashier efficiency in the fast-paced world, Telpo has launched a variety of desktop POS terminals that are of different sizes and function configurations, providing ample options to satisfy users’ needs.

Classic touchscreen cash register, Telpo C1

Smart desktop POS, Telpo C2

Flexible Android POS, Telpo C8

AI smart electronic scale, Telpo C20

KDS(kitchen display system)

Mobile POS

With the advantages of being small and portable, handheld POS terminals have gradually become a good helper in the retail industry. Whether EFT POS or non-EFT POS, Telpo Android POS can deliver the best user experience.


5-inch mini POS, Telpo P8

GMS-certified mobile POS, Telpo M1

Mobile POS, TPS320

Telpo Self-service Kiosks

Self-service Kiosks

As a booster of retail automation, self-service kiosks of course won’t be absent from AUTOCOM 2023. To satisfy various needs of different application scenarios, Telpo has launched a series of self-service kiosks, from mini desktop kiosks to large-screen kiosks.

15.6-inch mini self-service kiosk, Telpo K10

21.5-inch self-service kiosk, Telpo K8

27-inch self-service kiosk, Telpo K20

If you are interested in the products above and wanna know more details, don’t need to wait for the exhibition and contact us right now!

In addition to the products mentioned above, you can also get a head start on the latest products yet to be released officially. Besides, the Telpo team will be at the booth (A-401) to erase all your doubts about the products.

From March 26 to 28, let's meet at Telpo Booth (A-401) at AUTOCOM 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil! I believe that it will be a wonderful and fruitful event. Let's be there or be square!

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