Monthly Report | Telpo’s Highlights in March


March has been a month of significant achievements and partnerships for Telpo. Let’s explore what highlights Telpo has showcased.

Collaboration with Qualcomm to Launch Palm Payment Terminal

Telpo has entered into a strategic partnership with Qualcomm to introduce the state-of-the-art Palm Payment Terminal. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the payment industry with advanced technology and enhanced user experience.

palm payment terminal, qualcomm

Telpo EFT POS TPS900 Receives AMEX Certification

Telpo's classic EFT POS TPS900 has successfully obtained certification from American Express (AMEX), showcasing its commitment to excellence in payment solutions.

amex certification

Telpo Becomes Strategic Partner for Bank of China

Telpo has been chosen as the strategic partner for the Bank of China for the year 2023.    This partnership will bring together Telpo's innovative technology and China Bank's extensive reach to make a positive impact on the future of banking.

strategic partner Bank of China

Telpo T20 Improves Latin America Transporation Digital Payment

Telpo's ticket validator T20 has been successfully implemented in buses in Latin America, providing seamless ticket verification for passengers. With advanced technology and reliable performance, the device offers a convenient and efficient way for passengers to validate their tickets, ensuring smooth and hassle-free boarding processes.

ticket validator, bus validator

Participation in ChinaShop Exhibition

Telpo actively participated in the renowned ChinaShop exhibition held in Shanghai from March 13th to 15th. This event provided a platform for Telpo to showcase its latest products and innovations to a diverse audience.

chinashop exhibition, retail technology

As we look ahead, Telpo remains committed to driving innovation and exceeding expectations in the technology sector. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and breakthroughs from Telpo.


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