4 Reasons For Why You Need A Mobile Attendance System


Attendance is not strange to employers. In the late 19th century, the first employee time clock was introduced to track each employee’s time entering and leaving the workplace. As technology develops, attendance system becomes more advanced. I believe mobile attendance system will bring more convenience and help employers improve efficiency. The following parts are 4 reasons for why you should choose a mobile attendance system as your helpful assistant.

Mobility. Attendance system is not only needed in fixed places like companies. Attendance can be mobile. Employees have fixed locations in their companies. In contrast, when companies hold activities or meetings outside, no stable positions are provided for staffs. This creates opportunities for them to escape. Mobile attendance system offers service anywhere and anytime. Delicate and compact design makes it easy to bring. Mobile attendance system helps improve engagement and prevents employees from escaping.


Efficiency. Traditional manual attendance tracking costs more labor, material, financial resources and time. Mobile attendance system makes use of biometric features. Employees only need to tap their fingers or glance at the camera, the attendance is done. At the same time, no extra labor is needed to collect attendance data. Mobile attendance system can automatically record data and generate attendance reports, and therefore time, money and labor is saved.


Accuracy. Mobile fingerprint attendance system eliminates fraud. Attendance depending on labor easily causes fraud. It is easy for humans to be kidnapped by emotions. Staffs who are responsible for attendance may help employees fake. Instead, machines have no emotions and attendance data of each employee will be recorded without any change. In addition, biometric features are hard to copy. Each employee has unique biometric features and it’s almost impossible to fake.


Multi-function. It is possible for employees to forget their employee cards, but it is impossible for employees to forget their fingers or eyes. Mobile attendance system combines the functions of NFC card reader, fingerprint reader and camera. Multiple safeguards ensure attendance can be conducted smoothly, accurately and efficiently. 

TPS360 Handheld Biometric Device

Telpo is a world-leading smart terminal and solution provider. Biometric devices launched by Telpo, TPS360 and TPS450, can be mobile attendance system. Telpo biometric devices have distinguish advantages.


Portability. TPS360 and TPS450 are both delicate and compact. TPS360 is equipped with a 5-inch 720P HD screen and TPS450 is with 8-inch display. It is easy to hold and carry, making attendance be conducted anytime and anywhere.


Larger battery. Two battery capacities are available for TPS360, 3000mah and 5000mah respectively. TPS450 supports 8540mah big battery. Big battery capacity enables longer working time and the devices can work for a long time without charging.


Multi-function. Fingerprint scanners, front or rear cameras, smart card or contactless card reader are supported by both TPS360 and TPS450. The devices are combined of multiple functions, satisfying various needs of needs.


Optional accessories. Accessories in different configurations are available. Users can choose different accessories freely according to their needs. Telpo devices keep the principle as users first.


Humanized design. TPS360 and TPS450 support 1.5m fall prevention, so there is no need for users to worry about dropping the devices by accident. What’s more, silicon rubber case or wrist strap is offered to protect the devices.


With more than 20 years of experience, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and set up India office, Hong Kong, Nigeria and Sri Lanka branches. Welcome to contact us for more details. Telpo is dedicated to being your loyal partner.


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