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Advances in technology are making point-of-sale hardware smarter and more efficient. Choosing the right POS hardware from a reliable point-of-sale manufacturer can save your business great headaches for years to come. The development of POS systems based on Android architecture is developing rapidly, and the search for Android POS in Google search is rising sharply. Telpo is one of the firm facilitators of the Android POS system terminal and is committed to providing a variety of hardware and platform services for your business.


Telpo strength

Who is Telpo?

Founded in 1999, Telpo is the world’s leading Android-based point-of-sale provider committed to creating a simple, smart and secure life. With the mission to create a colorful future, Telpo develops a full suite of comprehensive Android system products and solutions for all walks of life, covering smart payment, smart retail, smart security, smart transportation, and V-IoT. Up to now, Telpo has served 120+ countries and won wide recognition from customers.

What can Telpo offer?

As a POS supplier, Telpo has a complete industrial chain from design, R&D, production, quality control, logistics, marketing, etc., and has exported a series of terminals and solutions.

Telpo products

POS hardware

Telpo is a professional POS hardware manufacturer with 23-year experience. Telpo is able to offer a range of POS terminals to satisfy the specific needs of various application scenarios, covering handheld POS terminals, desktop POS terminals, self-service kiosks, etc.

Telpo M1 mobile POS

Telpo can offer a series of handheld POS devices, no matter EFT POS or mobile POS. Telpo EFT POS terminals have obtained full certifications worldwide, making secure payment acceptance happen worldwide. In terms of mobile POS, Telpo mobile POS terminals have a stylish appearance and can be flexibly applied in parking, ordering, food delivery, and many other scenarios.

Telpo C11 small cash register

Telpo can offer a series of desktop POS terminals. Telpo has a huge cash register family and can provide desktop cash registers of all sizes. Telpo can provide abundant desktop point-of-sale options, like the compact 10.1-inch POS, the 15.6-inch single-screen POS, the dual-screen cash register, KDS, etc.

Telpo can offer a series of self-service kiosks. Different screen sizes of kiosks can be provided by Telpo to offer a more autonomous shopping experience for customers. 15.6-inch, 21.5-inch, and 27-inch Telpo self-service kiosks can be accessible to meet the various needs of different stores.

By the way, in addition to POS hardware, Telpo also launches ticket validators, biometric devices, VIoT terminals, etc. Telpo products can serve customers of different industries and meet their needs.

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Platform services.

Telpo is more than a POS hardware provider and also offers platform services to provide all-around service for customers. Telpo users are able to efficiently manage their devices remotely through Telpo MDM. Telpo has achieved strategic cooperation with leading POS software providers, and users are able to download the apps that they need on Telpo Store. What’s more, Telpo customizes an operating system named Telpo OS to apply to Telpo devices. After applying Telpo OS, Telpo users enjoy a smoother and future-proof experience.

Telpo cloud

Customization service.

A qualified POS manufacturer can satisfy all demands of customers. Telpo has the capability to provide professional ODM and OEM services. Telpo can make a specific plan for customers according to their specific needs. Depending on 23-year customization experience, multi-platform technology solutions, complete product lines and unified standard SDK, Telpo has the confidence to make every customer satisfied.

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How Telpo keeps your business running?

Offering a variety of products is far from enough for a point-of-sale manufacturer. Telpo is more than a point-of-sale equipment supplier and offers full guarantees for customers to keep their business running at a higher efficiency all the time.

300,000 monthly productions. With a workshop of 13,000㎡, Telpo is a point-of-sale hardware provider with strong production capability. Telpo’s monthly production can achieve 300,000 devices. The powerful enough production capacity enables Telpo can provide satisfactory products for customers based on high quality and timely delivery.

24/7 technical support. Telpo’s technical support is provided around the clock. Whether weekday or weekend, whether late at night or early in the morning, as long as the customers need, Telpo’s after-sales engineers can be accessible. The reliable and professional technical service makes customers rest assured to purchase Telpo POS hardware without worries.

28+ overseas service centers. Telpo is a leading point-of-sale supplier whose products and services have served more than 5000 clients from 120+ countries. To provide better services for customers worldwide, Telpo has set up 28+ overseas service centers. By providing more convenience, point-of-sale terminal manufacturers will earn higher satisfaction from their customers.

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How Telpo ensures POS hardware quality?

Emphasis on R&D.

It is almost impossible for a point-of-sale manufacturer that doesn’t pay attention to research and development to achieve long-term development. Founded in 1999, Telpo has been putting great emphasis on innovation. Now Telpo has formed a professional R&D team with 200+ engineers, accounting for 30% of all employees. What’s more, 15% of annual revenue has been put into R&D to keep the company lastingly flourishing. Up to now, Telpo has owned 300+ patents, including 200+ national patent authorizations.

Strict quality management.

To ensure the stability and normality of product quality, Telpo strictly follows the ISO quality management system during product development, trial production and mass production. Besides, Telpo laboratory is CNAS certified, which means that Telpo laboratory has the technical ability to carry out testing and calibration services in accordance with internationally recognized standards. The strict control for product quality guarantees that every device delivered to customers is of high quality.

Complete product certifications.

Certification is strong proof of the quality of point-of-sale hardware. As a POS supplier whose products and services are sold at home and abroad, Telpo products have passed full strict international certifications. Taking the EFT-POS, TPS900, as an example, it has passed full high-security certifications like PCI 6.X, EMV, Paywave, Paypass, MIR, Rupay, PURE, TQM, CE, FCC, RoHS, BIS, Anatel, etc. The full international certifications enable POS terminals to accept payments all around the world.

Who does Telpo cooperate with?

In virtue of 23-year professional project experience and strong market recognition, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and established strategic cooperation with Burger King, 7-11, Alipay, Baidu, Meituan, Bank of China, and other world-renowned companies.

point-of-sale manufacturer

Telpo has customized desktop POS terminals for Meituan.

Meituan is the pioneer of Internet+Catering and chose Telpo as its cooperative partner to combine smart POS software and hardware. Telpo customized two smart desktop POS terminals specifically for Meituan, specifically TPS619A and TPS615.


  • Dual touchscreen, swapping between the main screen and secondary screen is supported.
  • Built-in 58mm high-speed printer with an auto-cutter.
  • Support remote management and upgrade, including OTA and Kernel, pushed through OTA.
  • Supports interface customization of the startup screen and desktop.

    Telpo hardware customized for Meituan greatly improves cashier efficiency and can satisfy the needs of convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. under new retail.

    point-of-sale manufacturer

    Telpo customized Dragonfly POS for Alipay.

    As face recognition technology develops, Alipay introduced face recognition in the payment industry. By applying a face recognition terminal, customers can choose face payment to check out. Just by pointing the face at the camera, the customer can finish payments in less than 1 minute. Telpo customized the first face payment terminal, F1, for Alipay.


  • 3D-depth sensing camera, 99.5% accuracy, and quick identification.
  • Multiple payment methods, including face payment, NFC, smart cards, QR codes, etc.
  • Rich ports including USB, RJ45 and Ethernet can connect devices like cash registers, printers, etc.

    The Alipay Dragonfly POS customized by Telpo can free up customers’ hands and speed up the checkout process, and provides lots of convenience for customers and merchants.

    Telpo customized self-service kiosks for JD 7-Fresh Supermarket

    Jingdong has long been a leader in the retail industry. In order to solve the problems that link with the traditional retail cashier, like low efficiency, high cost, poor real-time monitoring, poor marketing effect and so on. Jingdong Seven Fresh Supermarkets introduce Telpo K7 Self-service kiosks.

    point-of-sale manufacturer


  • 21.5-inch multi-touch capacitive screen, 1920*1080 high definition.
  • 3D structured light camera supports face recognition payment.
  • Built-in 80mm printer with an auto-cutter, cutting life of 1 million times.

    Telpo self-service kiosks of space-saving design are easy to install and maintain. Telpo K7 brings lower labor costs and improved customer experience to Jingdong 7-Fresh Supermarket, and thus attracts more loyal customers.

    With the mission to create a colorful future, Telpo has been on the road. As a point-of-sale manufacturer, Telpo has launched a variety of POS hardware of all sizes. You can choose the point-of-sale terminal that most fits you from a variety of Telpo devices. In support of Telpo platform services, all-around services can be provided for customers. The quality of Telpo products is so reliable that they have won wide recognition from customers worldwide. Finding a reliable point-of-sale supplier can help your business grow. Don’t be hesitated! Give your business a boost together with Telpo! Welcome to contact us for more details.

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