Telpo EFT POS TPS900 Passed Indonesia NSICCS Certification


In the fast-paced world of electronic payments, security and reliability are paramount.  That's why Telpo is proud to announce that its EFT POS TPS900 has successfully passed the rigorous NSICCS (National Standard Indonesian Chip Card Specification) certification process.

pos with NSICCS

What is NSICCS Certification?

The National Standard Indonesian Chip Card Specification (NSICCS) is a set of technical specifications developed by the Bank Indonesia as the national standard for ATM card and/or debit card chip technology, which will be used by all ATM card and/or debit card providers in Indonesia.

What does this mean for Telpo EFT-POS TPS900?

Passing NSICCS certification is of great significance for Telpo TPS900 as it meets the highest standards of information security technology in Indonesia and enhances product quality and market competitiveness.

l Enhanced data security

NSICCS certification ensures that the TPS900 terminal has a high level of security in data processing and transmission, protecting users' payment data and personal privacy, and preventing sensitive information from being stolen or tampered with.

l Risk reduction

Certification can reduce information security risks during the use of the POS terminal, decreasing instances of data breaches, fraudulent transactions, and other security issues, thereby protecting the interests of users and merchants.

l Compliance with national standards

NSICCS is the national standard in Indonesia, and obtaining certification means that the EFT POS terminal TPS900 meets Indonesia's information security technology standards and complies with legal regulations.

l Entry into the Indonesian market

In the Indonesian market, NSICCS certification is an important requirement for obtaining government approval and market access, and obtaining certification helps to enter and expand in the Indonesian market smoothly.

l Increased market competitiveness

Obtaining NSICCS certification demonstrates that the TPS900 has undergone authoritative certification in information security, enhancing trust from users and merchants in the product and helping to increase market share and competitiveness.

With NSICCS certification, Telpo EFT-POS TPS900 ensures that sensitive payment data is protected, transactions are secure, and personal information remains confidential.

Up to now, the Telpo TPS900 has obtained a wide variety of certifications, covering PCI PTS 6.X, EMV L1&L2, Paywave, Paypass, Rupay, AMEX, PURE, UnionPay, NSICCS, etc. It means the Telpo EFT-POS terminal has achieved a high security and get access to market worldwide.

About Telpo TPS900

The Telpo TPS900 offers support for both contact and contactless payment acceptance, as well as biometric identification. It features a 5.5-inch screen, runs on Android 10, and is powered by a Qualcomm chip. The device supports multiple payment methods, including MSR, Smartcard, Contactless/NFC, E-wallet, and QR Code.  It meets high-security certification standards such as PCI PTS 6. x, EMV L1&L2, Paywave, Paypass, Rupay, AMEX, PURE, UnionPay, and more. With exceptional durability, it can withstand drops from up to 1.2m and boasts a long-lasting battery. Biometric identification is guaranteed through LFD fingerprint, Iris, and face recognition technology. Additionally, the device offers strong expansibility, allowing for external add-ons such as OTG, UHF, TPUI, fiscal module, a large battery, and a physical keypad.

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