Case Share | Telpo T20 Empowers Intelligent Rail Transit in South America


The development of intelligent rail transit in South America is in a rapid growth stage. With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo is assisting South America countries to improve the efficiency, safety and convenience of rail transit systems.

Recently, the Telpo AFC machine T20 has been applied in metro stations in South America, facilitating to build intelligent metro stations.

Telpo T20 Used as AFC Machines in South America

The Telpo validator T20 is used as AFC machines in metro stations to automate the process of fare collection from passengers. They are located at entry and exit points and accept various forms of payment.

Main Functions of AFC Machine Telpo T20

Fare Collection

As its name indicates, the basic function of AFC machines is automatic fare collection. They automatically deduct the appropriate fare from the passenger's payment method based on the destination or distance traveled. The Telpo T20 can accept multiple payments covering NFC card payments, QR codes, digital wallets, etc.

Ticket validation

Passengers can scan their tickets or payment cards at Telpo validator T20 to validate them before entering or exiting the transit system.

Data collection

The Telpo T20 terminals collect data on passenger traffic, fare revenue, and usage patterns, which can be used for operational analysis and planning by transit authorities.

Benefits of Applying AFC Machines

Improve Boarding Efficiency

Passengers can swiftly pass through fare gates by tapping their cards, displaying QR codes, or making mobile payments, eliminating the need for traditional manual ticketing and validation methods, thus reducing queueing time and improving boarding efficiency.

Reduce Fare Evasion

By automatically collecting fares and validating tickets, AFC devices effectively minimize fare evasion, increase ticket revenue, and ensure the sustainable operation of rail transit systems.

Enhance Payment Security

AFC devices can integrate with smart payment systems to facilitate cashless transactions and enable contactless fare payment. Passengers can use smart cards or mobile phones for payment, eliminating the need for carrying cash and reducing security risks associated with cash transactions.

Optimize Operational Management

AFC machines can gather passenger travel data, enabling rail transit authorities to better understand passenger travel patterns and preferences. This data can be utilized to optimize route planning, scheduling, and operational strategies, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and service quality.

Advantages of the Telpo T20

The Telpo T20 is a stylish, robust and modern validator that is a perfect choice for public transport scenarios.

What’s worth mentioning is that Telpo and its partner explore more installation methods in addition to ordinary installation, to deliver a seamless fare collection experience to passengers.

Embedded Installation

By adapting the embedded installation method, the Telpo T20 is integrated into metro station fare gates. Through this method, AFC machines can better integrate with station facilities and ticketing systems. It helps to save space, reduce the footprint of the devices, and ensure the operational efficiency and safety of the transportation system.

Bracket Installation

Telpo and its partner specially designed a bracket to securely position the device. It is a flexible installation method as the brackets can be adjusted and moved as needed. This installation method ensures the devices are easily accessible to passengers, and therefore provides convenient payment and validation services.

The Telpo T20 plays a significant role in pushing public transport digital. Welcome to discovering more details.


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