Elevating Retail Experience: Telpo Next-Gen Smart POS


Since its launch, the Telpo smart POS terminal TPS570 has gained wide customer approval. Recognizing the evolving landscape of technology and the shifting demands of our users, Telpo has taken a bold step forward in enhancing our POS solutions. The Telpo M8 and M10 are marking a new era in Android POS tablets.

Telpo Smart POS Terminal

The Telpo M8 and Telpo M10 are not only an upgrade in terms of appearance aesthetics but represent a significant leap in performance and user experience. Building upon the foundation laid by the TPS570, these new terminals correct the minor imperfections of their predecessor and introduce a range of innovative features.

System Performance Upgrade

While the TPS570 supported Android 7.1 and 8.1, the Telpo M8 and Telpo M10 come equipped with the latest Android 12 and 13 OS, respectively. This advancement, coupled with the support for Telpo OS that is based on Android OS, ensures compatibility with a broader spectrum of commercial applications, thereby enriching the user experience.

Display Upgrade

The TPS570, with its 600*1024 screen resolution and horizontal orientation, was susceptible to environmental light interference, such as reflections from overhead lights. The Telpo new Android POS tablets are equipped with a main touchscreen with higher definition and have been thoughtfully designed with an angled screen to minimize such disturbances, creating a more focused and comfortable checkout environment for cashiers.

Telpo Android POS Support SoftPOS

Verification Upgrade

One of the notable omissions in the TPS570 was the lack of an integrated camera and QR code scanning capability, which is an important function nowadays. The two new Telpo tablet POS terminals address this with a built-in 5M Pixel autofocus camera that supports software decoding, enhancing the versatility of the terminal for various retail operations.

Payment Upgrade

While the TPS570 was limited to NFC payment capabilities, the latest Telpo POS tablets have expanded their functionality to include not only NFC but also the QR code payments mentioned above. Furthermore, they are compatible with SoftPOS, catering to a more diverse range of payment needs and enhancing their payment capabilities significantly.

Printing Upgrade

The TPS570's printing speed of 50mm/s, while adequate, has been significantly outpaced by the Telpo M8 and Telpo M10. The Telpo M8 boasts an impressive printing speed of up to 110mm/s, while the Telpo M10 takes efficiency to new heights with a 200mm/s printing capability in virtue of the 80mm width built-in printer with an auto-cutter, ensuring swift and smooth transaction processing.

Interface Upgrade

The TPS570 featured a modest array of five interfaces, including two USB ports, one Micro USB, one RJ45, and one DC Charge. The Telpo M8 and Telpo M10 have expanded this to eight interfaces, incorporating a versatile Type-C (OTG), four USB ports, one RJ12 (drawer port 24V), one RJ11 (RS232), and one RJ45, providing retailers with greater connectivity options and flexibility.

Platform Service Upgrade

The latest Telpo smart POS terminals are paired with these advanced software services, covering Telpo MDM, Telpo SDK, Telpo OS, and Telpo Store. This integration of hardware and software ensures that businesses can operate efficiently, with the assurance of robust support and a user-friendly interface that simplifies daily transactions and management tasks.

The Telpo M8 and Telpo M10 are more than just upgraded versions of the TPS570, and they are a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With these new terminals, we aim to empower businesses with the tools they need to excel in today's fast-paced retail environment. Join us in embracing the future of retail with Telpo's smart POS terminals.

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