Monthly Review | Telpo’s Highlights in April


April was a month of achievement and progress for Telpo, as we continued to break the limits and expand our footprint in markets worldwide. Let's review Telpo's exciting developments and successes in April.

Telpo at AUTOCOM 2024

From April 9th to 11th, Telpo had the privilege of participating in the AUTOCOM retail exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This provided us with an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest SoftPOS terminals and solutions.

EFT-POS TPS900 Obtained NSICCS and Discover Certification 

Telpo’s flagship EFT-POS TPS900 has passed the NSICCS (National Standard Indonesian Chip Card Specification) and Discover certifications. These certifications not only validates the quality and security of the terminal but also opens up new opportunities for Telpo in the global market.

Telpo’s Technical Training in Africa

Recently, Telpo held a technical training in Nigeria. This training enhances the technical skills and knowledge of local staff, and leads to a more successful and sustainable business presence in Africa.

Telpo in Action

Telpo K20 Enhances Self-service Ordering in Burger King Mongolia

The self-service kiosk Telpo K20 has been successfully deployed in Burger King outlets in Mongolia, following its widespread adoption in Burger King stores across China. This expansion proves the adaptability and reliability of Telpo’s self-service solutions in diverse global markets.

Telpo M8 Facilitates Smart Restaurant in Thailand

Telpo smart POS terminal M8 has been used in Thailand Food Court. The terminals are used for order processing and checkout, which facilitates the digitalization of the dining process.

Telpo T20 Facilitates Digital Automatic Fare Collection in Latin America

The Telpo validator T20 has been used for automatic fare collection in metro stations in Latin America. Installing the terminals using the innovative bracket enhancing user convenience and experience in fare collection using digital payments.

Telpo T20 Improves Efficiency of Shuttle Services at European airports

The Telpo validator T20 has been used for fare collection on airport shuttles in Europe. By quickly process a variety of payments, the Telpo validators greatly improves operational efficiency.

Events to Come

Looking ahead to May, Telpo has some exciting events lined up. We are eagerly anticipating our participation in the Seamless Middle East exhibition in Dubai from May 14th to 16th, and the ID4 Africa exhibition in Cape Town from May 21st to 24th. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Telpo's April was filled with groundbreaking achievements and advancements. As we move into May, we remain committed to our mission of creating a colorful future. Stay tuned!


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