Case Share | Telpo Kiosk K20 Expand Reach to Burger King Mongolia


Telpo kiosks are revolutionizing the way customers order their meals in quick service restaurants. Recently, Telpo self-ordering kiosks K20 have been implemented at Burger King Mongolia, following their successful widespread use in Burger King stores in China.

About Telpo K20

The Telpo K20 is a powerful and easy-to-use self-ordering kiosk that is designed to enhance restaurant operational efficiency and customer experience. It has been the preferred choice for most QSR chains.

27-inch Large Touchscreen

The large-screen provides ample space for clear and intuitive menu navigation, allowing customers to easily browse through options and make selections. The sensitive multi-touch ensures the smooth operations.

Powerful Performance for Multi-tasking

Powered by an Octa-Core 2.4GHz processor, the Telpo K20 achieves the AnTuTu Score at over 500,000 scores. It enables faster processing speeds and improves customer satisfaction with a seamless user experience.

Abundant Payment Options

The Telpo K20 kiosk provides a variety of payment options including NFC payments and QR code payments. It also supports an external EFT-POS to accept financial payments. It allows customers to choose their preferred payment method and improves overall satisfaction with the ordering process.

Easy Installation

The Telpo kiosks offer 3 installation methods including wall-mount, floor-standing and pole-mounted. Business operators can mount the kiosks according to their specific needs. It maximizes the installation flexibility and enhances the overall convenience.

Values of Telpo Kiosk K20

Enhanced Customer Experience

The Telpo K20 self-service kiosks offer customers the convenience of browsing through the menu at their own pace, customizing their orders, and making secure payments without the need for waiting in long queues. This not only speeds up the ordering process but also allows customers to personalize their meals according to their preferences, enhancing their overall dining experience.

Improved Operational Efficiency

By integrating Telpo K20 self-service kiosks into Burger King stores, operational efficiency is significantly improved. The kiosks reduce the workload on staff, allowing them to focus on other aspects of customer service. Moreover, the kiosks help in streamlining the ordering process, minimizing errors, and enhancing order accuracy, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions for Different Markets

To meet the diverse needs of different markets, Telpo offers customization services and tailored solutions. Telpo has been dedicated to ensuring a seamless and user-friendly ordering experience for every customer.

Before the implement in Burger King Mongolia, the Telpo self-ordering kiosk K20 has been widely applied in Burger King China and won wide praises.

From enhancing customer experience to improving operational efficiency, the Telpo K20 kiosks are revolutionizing the way customers interact with quick service restaurants. Welcome to contact us for more details.


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