New Product | All-in-one Desktop POS Telpo M10


Telpo is proud to present the latest-launched 10-inch all-in-one desktop POS, Telpo M10. With its compact size, high-performance capabilities and multiple functions, the Telpo M10 is designed to be the next-gen solution for modern retailers.

10.1-inch pos,android pos

1. 2× improvement in performance by Octa-Core processor

Powered by the Octa-Core processor and Android 13 OS, this latest Telpo smart POS terminal has a 200% boost in performance. The Telpo M10 has a quick processing speed that is 3 times faster than average POS and delivers a 15% faster app start-up.

10.1-inch pos, android pos

2. 10-inch + 4-inch dual screen

Equipped with a 10-inch main IPS touchscreen with 400 nit brightness and a 4-inch customer-facing display, the POS terminal Telpo M10 provides an expansive display space that enhances the intuitive and user-friendly interface, facilitating seamless transaction processing and superior customer service.

The dual display modes offered, respectively mirrored display and extended display, foster enhanced customer interaction and provide additional avenues for promotional activities.

10.1-inch pos, android pos

3. Multiple payment options including SoftPOS

Telpo’s 10-inch POS terminal M10 supports a diverse range of payment methods, including QR code, NFC, and SoftPOS, catering to the varied needs of consumers and ensuring flexibility in payment processing.

4. 80mm, Φ80mm Seiko printer with 200mm/s speed

With an 80mm, Φ80mm precision Seiko printer boasting a remarkable printing speed of 200mm/s, the Telpo M10 enables swift and efficient printing of a greater volume of content, further enhancing checkout efficiency.

10.1-inch pos, android pos

5. Rich ports

Furthermore, the Telpo M10 offers extensive connectivity options, seamlessly integrating with other devices such as barcode scanners, drawers, etc., and systems to enable businesses to provide a wider range of functions and services, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

10.1-inch pos, android pos

6. Specific space for fiscal memory

The Telpo M10 reserves a specific space for fiscal memory and can incorporate advanced tax control features. The Telpo M10 ensures a convenient, flexible, and secure tax management process, providing businesses with peace of mind and regulatory compliance.

The Telpo M10 is a 10-inch POS terminal, offering compact size, unmatched performance, versatile connectivity, and a comprehensive range of features to streamline operations and elevate customer service to new heights. The Telpo M10 is set to be the next-gen solution for modern retailers and redefine checkout efficiency and customer satisfaction. By the way, Telpo’s upgraded platform services, Telpo OS 2.0 and Telpo MDM 2.0 have been successfully applied in the Telpo M10. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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