New Product | Versatile Ticketing Solution Validator T10


Telpo is excited to introduce the latest ticket validator, Telpo T10. It is a versatile and advanced solution designed to meet various ticketing and payment validation requirements of various application scenarios. We have the confidence that it will be the pioneering product to innovate the future of public transport.

Ticket Validator, Card Validator, Smart Card Reader,

Small-size Design, Flexible Installation

With its small-size design and 5.5-inch touchscreen, the Telpo T10 ticket validator is adaptable to a range of ticketing scenarios. Its ability to be installed horizontally or vertically offers added convenience for public transport operators, making integration simple and flexible.

Ticket Validator, Card Validator, Smart Card Reader,

Multiple Ticket Validation Methods

The Telpo T10 is equipped with an NFC reader and scanner, enabling support for a diverse range of ticket validation methods. This includes EMV open-loop payment, closed-loop payment, and QR code payment, effectively meeting the ticketing requirements of passengers.

Ticket Validator, Card Validator, Smart Card Reader,

High Protection Level and Secure Design

By meeting the IK06 and IP54 protection standards and incorporating a robust design that is dustproof and temperature-resistant, the Telpo T10 offers durable protection, making it ideal for use in mobile vehicle environments. Furthermore, the key switch and key lock shell enhance physical security, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the validator’s secure operation.

Ticket Validator, Card Validator, Smart Card Reader,

Diverse Communication Methods

The Telpo T10 offers multiple communication protocols, wireless communication methods, and GNSS. By supporting multiple communication protocols and wireless methods, the Telpo T10 can communicate with different types of vehicle systems or payment platforms.

Ticket Validator, Card Validator, Smart Card Reader,

User-Friendly Enhancements

Telpo has incorporated several user-friendly features into its latest ticket validator. These include a 400cd/screen brightness for a clear information display, four LED indicator lights for intuitive trading alerts, a fluorescent NFC area for easy use at night, and an optional digital display for convenient payment status viewing by drivers. These enhancements are designed to improve user experience and convenience.

Ticket Validator, Card Validator, Smart Card Reader,

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including public transportation, subways, entertainment venues, and event ticket validation, the Telpo T10 is a highly adaptable solution for various ticketing needs.

Ticket Validator, Card Validator, Smart Card Reader,

The Telpo T10 ticket validator offers a comprehensive solution for various ticketing and validation needs. By combining reliable hardware and full platform services covering Telpo MDM, Telpo Store and Telpo OS, the Telpo T10 is poised to elevate the efficiency and convenience of ticket validation across a wide range of industries and applications. Welcome to contact us for more details.


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