Case Share | Telpo Self-service Kiosks Help AEON Win Competition


The service is free for consumers, but brings a good reputation and competitive advantage to supermarkets. The service-oriented AEON introduced Telpo self-service kiosks and stepped up the deployment of digital public services, reducing the cost of supermarket operators, improving consumer services, and allowing service personnel to create greater value for consumers.

AEON self-service kiosks

AEON is a retail giant founded in Japan in 1926 and brought its business to China more than 30 years ago. AEON’s business covers shopping malls, comprehensive department stores, food supermarkets, convenience stores and many other fields. Most AEON malls are located in the city center, where rent costs and labor costs are high. Besides, under the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic and new retail trends, customers have higher requirements for non-contact checkout and shopping. In this context, AEON turned its eyes to self-service kiosks and chose Telpo.

AEON self-service kiosks

Self checkout machine in AEON supermarket

According to the image characteristics and needs of AEON, Telpo customizes a 21.5-inch self-service kiosk, Telpo K7. Telpo K7 is a multifunctional self-service terminal suitable for various application scenarios.


21.5-inch touchscreen. Sensitive touch, clear information display, easy to operate.

Multiple payment methods. QR code, face recognition, external EFT-POS.

High-speed thermal printer. 80mm paper width, 150mm/s printing speed, auto-cutter.

K7 self-service kiosks

What benefits do Telpo self-service kiosks bring to AEON?

Lower labor costs. Telpo self-service kiosks can play the roles of cashiers, and fewer cashiers are needed. 1 staff can monitor at least 4 self-service kiosks, which greatly improves cashier efficiency and saves labor costs. In addition, compared to human cashiers, unattended kiosks can work for 24 hours every day all the year around. Operators don’t have to pay overtime on holidays.

Improved customer experience. In peak hours, self-service kiosks can divert the customer flows from the cashier counters, which reduces the waiting time of customers. Additionally, through self-service kiosks, customers can totally control their checkout process without any disturbance. The efficient checkout experience is more pleasurable for customers and enhances their loyalty.

self-service kiosks supermarket

Self-checkout machine in the 7-fresh supermarket

Reduce virus spread. Less contact reduces the risk of COVID-19 spread, protecting customers from exposure to the virus through human-to-human contact. Besides, customers feel more freer when they can dominate the self-service checkout process.

What are the distinguished advantages of Telpo self-service kiosks?

Space-saving design.

Telpo self-service kiosks adopt a space-saving design. Telpo self-service kiosks are slimmer compared to other self kiosks thanks to the thinner appearance and stand-alone bracket. Self-service machines take up less space and make more room for a spacious and bright retail environment. Besides, the thin appearance of Telpo self-service kiosks upgrades the decoration, delivering a more pleasurable shopping experience.

Easy installation and maintenance.
There are a variety of brackets for customers to choose from, including wall-mounted, stand-alone, checkout counter, etc. It is not complex to install the terminals. Just one person can complete the assembly through a few simple steps. In addition, Telpo’s after-sales team is always online, providing professional guidance and services all day long.

Flexible customization service.
Self-service kiosks play different roles in different application scenarios. Telpo can customize functions for customers to satisfy various application needs. Multiple screen sizes of self-service kiosks are available, including 15.6-inch, 21-inch, 23-inch, 27-inch, 32-inch, etc. In addition, the financial module, colors, brackets, and many other accessories can be customized according to the needs of customers.

Up to now, Telpo has conducted customization projects for Burger King,, AliPay, Baidu, and many other world-leading brands, covering a variety of industries like retail, catering, security, etc.

new self ordering kiosk K20

Telpo is experienced in providing smart terminals and solutions. With 23-year customization experience, Telpo can satisfy all needs of customers for various application scenarios. Telpo has the confidence to be your cooperative partner to boost your business. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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