Here Comes Telpo OS, Towards A Connected Future


An easy-to-use and reliable OS is the guarantee for delivering a simple, smooth and secure interaction experience. Recently, Telpo officially announced its own operating system and planned to apply it to all Telpo products in the near future. Standing in the future dimension, Telpo OS brings you toward a connected future.


What is Telpo OS?

Telpo OS is the operating system running on Telpo devices, which is an improved version based on the Android system. It facilitates a better connection and collaboration between you and your devices, bringing you a radically new user experience.

Brilliant for each interface.

Telpo OS provides unified and intuitive interfaces, increases the learnability of Telpo products and enables customers to grasp use after simple training. The better user experience delivered enhances customer loyalty and attracts more new customers.


Performance up, power cost down.

Telpo OS provides a smoother, higher-efficient, and more environmental-friendly experience by optimizing memory and reducing power consumption. According to Telpo's laboratory data, compared with the general kernel, using Telpo OS increases the available memory of the device by 20%, reduces the power consumption of shallow sleep by 47% and deep sleep by 20%, and improves the charging efficiency by 5%.


Make it as you wish.

With 23-year customization experience, Telpo is dedicated to building a customizable operating system. There are about 68 customization features available on Telpo OS, covering all aspects of customer needs. Besides, multiple modules like printing and finance modules can be easily introduced to the devices by some simple remote debugging through the unified development interface.

Print everything.

Telpo OS has advanced thermal printing font library technology, eliminating all limitations of printing. Anything may print on Telpo operating system, no matter what language, font, or font size.

Device in TelpoOS

More to explore.

Telpo also provides value-added services for customers. Combined with Telpo AI MDM, more functions are offered, such as remote device management, maintenance, customization, authorization, etc.

Telpo OS is designed for long-term development. It is a big step forward for Telpo to launch Telpo OS to keep up with the trend of the new era in the field of intelligent IoT. In the future, Telpo will continuously improve its OS and create more value for customers.

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