25 Years of Excellence: Telpo's Commitment to Quality


Founded in 1999, Telpo has been at the forefront of smart terminal and solution providing for over a quarter of century. Telpo’s commitment to quality is reflected in every product it creates and has won wide praises.

Telpo Hardware Quality

Complete Technical Standard System

To ensure the hardware quality to meet the highest industry standards, Telpo has established a comprehensive technical standard system. The system incorporates over 450 external standards including national, military, and IEC standards, and setting more than 60 of Telpo’s own internal standards, which sets up rigorous benchmarks for production.

Certified Expertise and Testing

Backed by a CNAS laboratory and a suite of advanced testing equipment, Telpo obtains professional R&D and quality testing capabilities. This allows Telpo to produce authoritative and internationally recognized test reports, a testament to the reliability of our products.

The Telpo laboratory is equipped with over 120 sets of testing equipment, covering a range of test items including white box testing, RF performance, environmental and climatic conditions, EMC standards, audio-visual testing, structural durability, transportation simulation, failure analysis, stress testing, and various other experimental categories.

Telpo Hardware Quality

Professional R&D and Testing Team

The Telpo team is the driving force behind cutting-edge products. Now Telpo has more than 200 Research & Development engineers and obtains over 300 technology patents. At the same time, the Telpo team is constantly updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. Telpo also organizes annual learning and training sessions and regularly reviews projects to continuously improve R&D and testing capabilities.

Strict Product Compliance Testing

Telpo's strict certification system ensures that all products destined for international markets are equipped with the necessary country-specific certifications. With CE, FCC, EMV, and PCI certifications, among others, our products are globally recognized for their compliance and quality.

Telpo Hardware Quality

Powerful Manufacturing Capacity

Beyond Telpo's own 13,000workshops, Telpo operates processing plants to enlarge production capacity, and monthly production achieves 300,000 pcs. With a stringent management system, Telpo persistently upgrades the production capabilities of its factories and guarantees that every product meets Telpo's stringent quality requirements.

Awards of Excellence Quality

Telpo's dedication to quality has been honored with multiple awards, including the Provincial Quality Benchmark Award and the District Quality Award, confirming Telpo’s position as a leader in quality assurance.

Telpo Hardware Quality

In Telpo, quality is not an option but a promise. For 25 years, Telpo has been crafting intelligent hardware that stands the test of time. Choose Telpo for smart terminals and solutions that are built to excellence. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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