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Why Japan Introduce China QR Code Payment?

Nov. 25, 2019

Japan's NTT Group has announced that it will cooperate with Chinese start-ups in the unmanned store industry. It aims to reverse the trend in the field of unmanned stores by introducing QR code payment technology from China, which has a leading position in the field, Japanese media reported.


Why Japan Introduce China QR Code Payment?

In 1994, Masahiro Hara, a Japanese invented QR code, that is, Quick Response Code. However, he did not use it for commercial activities and even gave up the right to charge for QR code daily use. Instead, some Chinese have discovered the QR value and subsequently launched QR code payment technology. The user only needs to scan the QR code provided by the merchant and follow the prompt operation to complete the payment.

This time, the Japanese company introduced the whole solution of hardware and software which contains QR code payment technology. The unmanned store can use the QR code to manage the entry and exit and payment of customers. The cameras and sensors installed in the store can grasp the movement of customers and goods and understand which goods customers have bought.

Why Japan Introduce China QR Code Payment? 

As a developed country, Japan has strong economic strength and a strong quality of its people, which can support and maintain the daily operation of unmanned stores. Moreover, the Japanese' preference for shopping in convenience stores is strong. The unmanned store model of mobile payment can solve the problem of labor shortage caused by aging and greatly save labor. In addition, the unmanned store could improve foreign tourists' dissatisfaction with Japan's cashless payment methods and in line with the government's call for a cashless society.


Why Japan Introduce China QR Code Payment?

Telpo QR-code payment POS terminal TPS320


As a global strategic partner of Alibaba, Telpo has already launched a series of smart terminal devices that support QR code payment and are suitable for restaurant and retail stores including unmanned stores. QR code originated in Japan and now it introduces China QR code payment technology, presenting the normal state of technological innovation.

 Why Japan Introduce China QR Code Payment?

Telpo TPS508 Desktop QR-code Scanner


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