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In the crowded marketplace nowadays, it’s vital for entrepreneurs to make their products and services stand out with high efficiency. You can get all you need to improve your business productivity from Telpo products!

New Product

10.1-inch point-of-sale machine

Telpo C11, 10” POS machine to free up your counter space

Recently, Telpo launched a newly designed 10.1-inch point-of-sale machine. Though with a more compact and sleek appearance, it still can function like a larger traditional desktop POS terminal.


  • Collocating 10.1-inch touch screen and 75*75mm VESA stand, small footprint and robust.
  • Needs of different heights can be satisfied with the angle-adjustable bracket.
  • Smooth operation is ensured by Android 12 OS and 8GB + 128GB Memory.

    Hot Product

    QR code-based attendance device

    TPS980, QR code-based attendance device maximizing efficiency

    The attendance record is an important reference for employees’ performance evaluation. TPS980 launched by Telpo is a QR code-based access controller and attendance machine that greatly improves identification efficiency.


  • Identification time of less than 0.5s makes an ultra-fast verification.
  • Powerful performance is ensured by Android 9 OS + 1.8GHz fast CPU.
  • Real-time attendance data uploading supported by 4G, Wifi, Ethernet, etc.
  • Flexible installation is supported by wall hanging, desktop, and column brackets.
    Android device running SoftPOS

    Telpo M1, the best Android device running SoftPOS

    SoftPOS is certainly a buzzword in 2022, which refers to the newest payment solution allowing to acceptance of contactless payments on Android devices. Telpo M1 is a suitable device to run Software POS and power your business.


  • Android 11 OS supporting 64bit CPU for smooth multitasking.
  • GMS certification ensures compatibility and stability.
  • Superior NFC and QR-code scanning performance.

    payment terminal P8

    Telpo P8, a mini payment terminal with full certifications

    Telpo is happy to announce that payment terminal P8 has obtained full international POS certifications and can accept payments worldwide. Up to now, Telpo P8 has passed the certifications including PCI PTS V6.X, EMV Contact L1&L2, EMV Contactless L1, Master Card PayPass, Visa PayWave, etc.


  • Smooth running enhanced by Android 10 OS and 4GB DDR + 64GB eMMC.
  • The delicate design of 5-inch touchscreen makes it easy to carry out.
  • 1D/2D barcode reader of high performance can easily decode QR codes.


    METRO Supermarket kiosk telpo K7

    Telpo Kiosk K7 stimulates customer loyalty in METRO Supermarket

    METRO, a leading wholesaler and retailer, introduced Telpo self-service kiosk, K7, in its Chinese stores. Telpo K7 maximizes customer experience and stimulates customer loyalty by simplifying payment process, shortening waiting lines and delivering an autonomous shopping experience. Up to now, Telpo has conducted more than 10,000 customization projects and won wide recognition.

    self-service kiosk K7

    Meet Telpo at TRUSTECH Expo 2022

    The global event for innovative payments and identification solutions, TRUSTECH Expo was held in Paris, France from 29, November to 1, December 2022. Telpo brought its latest payment terminals and solutions at this Paris Expo. Telpo products have attracted wide attention from participants from all over the world.

    Once there is life, there is fighting. Telpo has been fighting on the road to creating a colorful future. Telpo is sincere to be a cooperative partner to give your business a boost. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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