How McDonald's kiosks keep customers ordering more


As the world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s has stores in 120 countries and serves 68 million customers each day. It has rich experience in adopting technology to make its restaurants more efficient and improve customers’ dining experience.


Challenge of Mcdonald's Restaurant

The vast majority of customers who enter McDonald's fast food restaurants want fast delivery rather than waiting in line. When too many customers rush in during the lunch rush, the waiting time for customers to order food is greatly lengthened, which goes against the philosophy of fast-food restaurants.

McDonald's introduced self-service terminals, which improved the efficiency of meal preparation and delivery, relieved customers from waiting in line, and brought significant sales growth. However, the various IT devices currently used in McDonald’s stores have different manufacturers and different versions, and there are difficulties in operation and maintenance, complicated processes, and inability to maintain remotely.

self-service kiosks

Solution of Mcdonald's

McDonald's noticed this early and has been testing self-service kiosks since at least 2003.

Self-service kiosks play an important role in transforming the customer experience, decreasing waiting time, increasing order accuracy and improving the efficiency of processing orders. Besides, by adopting the self-service ordering model, McDonald's can redeploy staff, open up the restaurant space, reduce cash handling, etc. which has a positive effect on its pace of globalization.

Telpo one-stop self-service kiosk solution

As an international catering giant such as McDonald's, in addition to products, the service for products is not as efficient as the remote operation and maintenance of equipment, as well as the decentralization and management of self-service machines in stores. As a smart terminal and solution provider, Telpo International strives to improve the performance of its products and exports a 27-inch self-service machine - Telpo K20.

self-service kiosks K20


  • 27'' multi-touch screen brings vivid pictures and advertising display.
  • Straightforward and intuitive ordering. Telpo K20’s large screen makes self-service ordering easier. On the 27-inch screen, customers can see and choose what they want, including ingredients and sauces, through the vivid picture display.

  • Simple installation brackets: wall-mount, floor-standing, pole-mounted.
  • Telpo K20 is equipped with simple installation brackets, including a modern wall mount, classic floor stand, and flexible floor stand. These installation brackets provide more convenience for users.

  • Abundant payment options: NFC card, QRcode and financial-grade face recognition.
  • Telpo K20 provides lots of optional accessories, including but not limited to the contactless card reader, 3D structured light camera, etc. The QR code payment, NFC payment, and face recognition payment offer abundant checkout options, satisfying various payment needs of customers.

  • 80mm thermal printer with auto cutter, fast printing up to 220mm/s.
  • The high-speed printer plays an important role in shortening the waiting line. An 80mm thermal printer with an auto-cutter is built into Telpo K20. More efficient and stable receipt printing is offered with a speed of 150mm/s and a maximum of up to 220mm/s. At the same time, multi-language and multi-font printing supported by Telpo OS makes receipts another advertising tool.

    self-service kiosks K20

    Dedicated to providing one-stop solutions for customers and satisfying all their demands, Telpo has a complete customization mechanism. From appearance design, MD design, PCBA customization, prototype, OS customization, mold, and trial production, to mass Production, Telpo can make you fully satisfied.

    Telpo’s innovation points

    Modular design

    This kind of self-service kiosk launched by Telpo adopts a modular design, which makes the device not only achieves high reliability and stability but also makes it more convenient to maintain. As a result, maintenance cost is greatly reduced and the overall operation is easier and more efficient.

    Free switching of Windows OS and Android OS

    Without adding any selector switch, Telpo K20’s operation system can be switched between Windows and Android. This innovation lowers the material cost and maintains the pretty appearance of the device. What’s more, the operation cost is greatly reduced.

    Unified management platform

    Telpo provides a unified remote operation and maintenance management platform for McDonald's China. It adopts a standard data objects model to access the non-Windows operating system devices of McDonald's Chinese restaurants in a unified manner, realizing the standardization of data access of different types of devices from different manufacturers. The unified platform makes McDonald's achieve higher security, easier management and real-time monitoring.

    Founded in 1999, Telpo has been on the road to creating a colorful future. In virtue of 23-year professional project experience and strong market recognition, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and established strategic cooperation with Burger King, 7-11, Alipay, Baidu, Meituan, Bank of China, and other world-renowned companies. Telpo has the confidence to be your cooperative partner boosting your business. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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