Pushing Retail Digital Transformation with Telpo Mini Kiosks


The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, with self-checkout technology at the forefront of this digital revolution. Year after year, we see an increase in the implementation of self-checkout systems. The ability for customers to complete their shopping more swiftly has become a key differentiator in the competitive retail market.

mini kiosk, self-checkout kiosk

Supermarkets have been early adopters of this technology, introducing large-screen self-checkout terminals that have become a staple in their checkout areas. These kiosks have significantly reduced waiting times and offered customers a more autonomous shopping experience.

Telpo has conducted many self-checkout kiosk customization projects for renowned retail brands, such as AEON, METRO, 7-Fresh Supermarket, etc.

kiosk customization, self-checkout kiosk

However, the space requirements for such large self-checkout kiosks have presented a challenge for convenience stores and smaller retail stores with limited space. Recognizing this gap, Telpo has introduced the mini kiosk solutions: the 15.6-inch Telpo K10 and the 11.6-inch K10MINI.

These 2 mini kiosks are a scaled-down version of their larger self-checkout kiosks and obtain all functions that general kiosks support.

mini kiosk, self-checkout kiosk

lSpace-saving Placement

The Telpo K10 and Telpo K10MINI have a compact size. This allows them to be easily wall-mounted at a store or convenience store, and they can even be used directly on a desk, saving valuable space resources.

lSmooth Operation Ensured by Powerful Performance

Both the Telpo K10 and K10MINI are powered by the hexa-core processor and are high-performance capabilities, ensuring smooth operation of running multiple business applications.

lSeamless Checkout Experience

One of the standout features of the K10 and K10MINI is their support for multiple payment methods supported by QR code scanner, contactless card reader and optional external EFTPOS. This versatility allows retailers to cater to the diverse preferences of their customers, accommodating both cashless and contactless payment options.

lHigh-speed Receipt Printing

Integrated with a printer for seamless receipt issuance, these terminals are equipped with high-performance capabilities that ensure reliability and efficiency. The Telpo K10 has two printer options including 58mm with and 80mm width, and the Telpo K10MINI offers a 58mm width printer.

The Telpo K10 and Telpo K10MINI are designed to meet the daily self-checkout demands of small retail outlets, enhancing their ability to serve customers efficiently while also reducing the reliance on traditional checkout methods.

What’s worth mentioning is that the Telpo K10MINI has been widely applied in the stores of a well-known convenience store chain, Meiyijia. The Telpo kiosks help improve checkout efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

mini kiosk, self-checkout kiosk, convenience store kiosk

By providing smart terminals and solutions that are tailored to the needs of retailers, Telpo is pushing the digital transformation of the retail industry. Welcome to visit Telpo website or contact us for more information on Telpo K10 and Telpo K10MINI.

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