Telpo Validator Evolving with the Times: From TPS530 to the T10


In the ever-evolving landscape of public transit, Telpo has been a pioneering force in ticketing solutions. Telpo's first ticket validator, the TPS530, has been a favorite in the industry since its launch, earning widespread praise for its reliability and efficiency.

Telpo validator upgrade

Serving as a ticket validator, the TPS530 has satisfied multiple ticketing demands in public transport scenarios globally, covering bus, metro stations, etc., and has been exhibited and appreciated at transportation industry exhibitions.

bus validator, ticket validator

However, as ticketing technology and public transit systems have advanced at a breakneck pace, it has become clear that the TPS530, while a testament to our innovative past, is in need of a refresh to meet the demands of the modern public transit environment, and Telpo is thrilled to unveil the Telpo T10.

The Telpo T10 is a new chapter in Telpo’s ticketing story, and it obtains a more modern design, more compact form factor, more flexible installation and a host of features tailored to the ticketing needs of the transit systems of tomorrow.

Telpo validator, bus validator

lAppearance Upgrade: Modern and Streamlined Aesthetic

Compared to the TPS530, the Telpo T10 made an upgrade in the appearance. Equipped with a 5.5-inch LCD, this validator boasts a sleek, modern design, and provides a user-friendly interface that enhances the overall passenger experience. The gray color makes the Telpo T10 perfectly integrated into any modern business application scenario.

lValidation Upgrade: Diverse Ticketing Methods Support

With the Telpo T10, Telpo has expanded the support for a variety of ticketing methods, ensuring compatibility with the diverse range of systems in use today. Whether it's barcode, QR code, or NFC, whether it’s open-loop payments or close-loop payments, the Telpo T10 is equipped to handle it all, providing a seamless fare collection for both operators and passengers.

lProtection Standard Upgrade: Achieve IK07 and IP54

The Telpo T10 adapts a more robust material and construction than the TPS530. Built to withstand the rigors of daily use in public ticketing scenarios, the Telpo T10 features a higher level of protection against the elements and wear and tear. It has achieved a high protection level of IK07 and IP54 to ensure it can remain smooth operation even in the most demanding conditions.

lInstallation Upgrade: Flexible Installation Options

Unlike the TPS530 has a single installation method, the Telpo T10 offers flexible installation options to accommodate various setups. Whether mounted horizontally or vertically, the T10's adaptable design ensures easy integration into existing systems.

Now the Telpo T10 has been successfully applied in public transport scenarios and deliver a seamless fare collection experience.

The Telpo T10 opens a new chapter of Telpo’s ticketing story. In the future, Telpo will continue to evolve with the times and upgrade Telpo terminals. For more information on the Telpo T10 and how it can revolutionize your transit ticketing, welcome to visit our website or contact us directly. Telpo is committed to providing smart terminals and solutions that meet the evolving needs of public transit ticketing worldwide.

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